DIY rope planter

DIY rope planter

After spending the last few weekends out of town, we spent some time this weekend knocking some items of the to-do list. While most of our time was spent cleaning out closets and organizing bins, we also took time to do some fun projects like sprucing up our balcony/fire escape and building a big cat tree for Josie.

I also made this rope planter that has a bit of a nautical vibe. I saw a vase like this in a store window while we were in Boston and thought it was cute, but definitely overpriced and so easy to make. Although I’m always finding myself saying “oh, I could make that”, once in a while, I actually do it. And some of the time it even ends up looking how it was meant to!

rope planternautical-inspired rope planter


  • vase or other canister
  • rope (I used approx. 8 feet)
  • white spray paint
  • white duct tape
  • hot glue gun

Directions: Tightly wrap the vase to determine the exact length of rope you’ll need. Cut and use duct tape to secure ends to prevent fraying. Spray paint rope and allow to dry. I only did one coat because I liked how the natural rope poked through, but go with additional coats for solid coverage. Wrap vase, gluing as you go.

diy rope vase project


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