Weekend in Boston

Last weekend, we headed to Boston just to visit the city and get away. We took advantage of a Porter seat sale a few months back and booked the flights for a random weekend. It turned out to be the weekend after we got back from our vacation in Kelowna so we didn’t even need to get out of holiday mode. Boston is such a beautiful, vibrant city and we had a great time.

photo of boston at nightphoto of boston harbourchillin in bostonboston harbour at sundown on a boat


  1. Boston is the best! Looks like a fun trip. Hopefully you got a cannoli from Mike’s. I pretty much can’t leave Boston without indulging in one. Haha

    • I didn’t! I saw everyone carrying around the boxes but just didn’t get a chance to go. I did a whole lot of indulging otherwise though anyway 🙂

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