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chana masala

We all have those quick, and easy meals that we turn to when we get home late and hungry and need to get something on the table asap. Those meals that don’t require any fancy ingredients, precise measurements or a sink full of pots and pans. Scrambled eggs was often that meal for me. Lately it’s been cereal. Oh, and sweet potato fries. The thing is though, if you have 3 different lazy/last-minute meals then you’re eating a lot of eggs, cereal, and fries. But if you expand that repertoire to include this Chana Masala dish then you get to eat more interesting stuff more often.

curry ingredients

I love chickpeas. And this dish just requires that you open a couple cans and stir in chopped veg and spices. So easy, yet so much better than an almond butter sandwich.

curried chickpeas

I made chana masala after seeing Angela’s recipe in The Oh She Glows Cookbook. (Love her book so much by the way! I’ve made a a few recipes so far and of course she never lets me down.) I pretty much stuck to her version, which you can find over here.

easy vegan chana masala

Make this recipe once and you’ll see why it’s a great Tuesday night option. You just need to have rice ready to go in the fridge. Or eat it over greens, or smooshed on toast!

What’s your go-to meal?

curried chickpeas

If you love chickpeas.


  1. I’m actually reading this post as I eat chana masala (that I lazily made without a recipe over the weekend)! Mine is tasty, but definitely missing some ingredients on the spice front. I’ll have to try this one out next time. 🙂

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