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Last August I spent more than a month’s rent on a blender. A year later, I can honestly tell you that every single penny was entirely worth it, and I’ve been drinking green smoothies happily ever since.

In the spring of last year, Mike and I purchased a juicer. It was mostly his idea, since I’d never really given much thought to juicing, but once we brought it home, I was hooked. After about a week, I was noticing that my skin had cleared up and my complexion seemed brighter. Other people noticed too and I remember getting more “your skin looks great” compliments than I’d ever heard before. I knew the juice was working. I was juicing everything. Lots of fruits, of course, but also beets and sweet potatoes, ginger, onions and garlic, too! I had the worst breath, but the best skin.

I’d always eaten lots of vegetables, but now I’d really stepped my game up. I was drinking a few days’ worth of vegetables in a single cup, and I was feeling amazing.

I was bummed to see, however, that an entire bunch of kale would yield only a few tablespoons of juice. What a waste! Blending greens in my regular old blender didn’t work either, since I’d just end up with a lumpy, chunky green mess. As I got more into following healthy food and lifestyle websites and blogs, I kept coming across people singing the praises of this super-duper high powered blender that could make silky smooth work of entire heads of lettuce: the Vitamix. I loved my juicer, but I knew that I needed to have one of those blenders.

When it comes to paying hundreds of dollars for a small kitchen appliance, it can be hard to take the plunge, but I love this summary of all the pros and cons of the top blenders: Blenders for Green Smoothies.

A few months later, while Mike and I were wandering the grounds of the CNE, we were musing that maybe Vitamix would have a booth just as we rounded the corner and came right up on a Vitamix soup demonstration.

It was fate, and thanks to that perfect mix of impulsivity, an enticing deal and available credit we were the proud new owners of a shiny, white Vitamix blender. And that, my friends, is how I met the love of my kitchen appliance life, and we’ve been enjoying our green smoothies almost daily ever since.

Ok, this post was not supposed to be about my love affair with my blender. Instead, it was supposed to be about how drinking a green smoothie each day has affected my life. Like with juicing, the most immediate effect is seen in my skin. While I still get occasional hormonal breakouts, my skin is generally clear, soft and supple. The texture of my hair has also improved from being quite coarse and frizzy to much stronger and smoother. Although I still rarely wear my hair without straightening it, there were a few times this summer when I let it dry naturally and thought it actually looked quite nice and healthy.

Speaking of hair, buying the Vitamix actually nearly coincided with the Great Hair Catastrophe of 2013. I got the most horrendous cut & colour ever and my hair was so fried and breaking off all over the place, and I credit my daily green smoothies for helping me recover from this disaster as quickly as possible. Well, it helped heal my hair. Those emotional scars are still pretty raw.

Seriously, look at that hack job! Don’t worry, that hideous colour didn’t last more than 12 hours, but the damage to my hair was done.


Anyway, I make about a week’s worth of green smoothie at a time, which I freeze in mason jars. Yeah, blending up a smoothie is easy, but blending up smoothies just once each week is even easier! Freezing preserves the nutrients, so other than losing a few enzymes this is a great option for those of us who can’t be bothered to haul out the blender each morning. Freezing the pre-chopped and portioned ingredients is also a great option.

green glowing smoothie

My favourite thing about starting my day off with a green smoothie is that no matter what else happens during the day (yes, burgers and pie do happen), I know that I’ve still nourished my body.

I follow Kimberly Snyder’s Green Glowing Smoothie recipe (GGS for those in the know), but I swap ingredients in and out based on whatever I have on hand or just to change things up.

Typically, I might include:

  • 1 head romaine lettuce
  • ½ bunch of kale or a few handfuls of spinach
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 1 granny smith apple
  • 1 bartlett pear
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tbs turmeric
  • 1″ ginger root

I just add a couple cups of water, and blend! That usually fills just over 2 large mason jars, and I fill 6-8 each week. That way I know that I always have my green smoothies on hand.

Green Smoothie Protein Popsicles

Green Smoothie Pops!

This post was prepared for Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox Blogger Assignment. Check out my previous assignments HERE.


  1. Wow that was one heck of a hack job on your hair! I’ve had one of those too:( What hair products did or do you use to keep your hair healthy?

    • It was SO bad. First came the colour which was horrendous enough…I asked for peekaboo highlights AND showed a picture. How I ended up with that, I have no idea. And then I think the guy that did the cut was so distracted by the colour that he totally messed up the cut, too.
      To top that off I paid $300!!!!! 🙁 My most expensive and most hideous hair cut ever. Never went back there, that’s for sure!

  2. How amazing and I loved reading how it changed your life! Awesome:) Btw: I heard about Vitamix blender…it really seems great. Have a beautiful day, lovely

    • Thanks! Yep, it’s def my favourite kitchen appliance! It’s great for so many things! soup, ice cream, nut butters, grinding flours, kneading dough, etc!

  3. I have been battling bad hormonal breakouts for a few years now and have tried a bunch of different meds… I’m excited to find out how drinking the green smoothies helped improve your skin! Thanks for sharing that, I’m definitely going to look into this!

    • Yeah, it’s just such a huge dose of nourishment that it definitely does wonders for my skin, and overall health I’m sure!

  4. My mom started dying my hair when I was just 6 years old, so you can imagine how damaged my hair is!!! 🙁 And let me just tell you, she screwed up MORE THAN a few times……. AKA: Orange hair! LOL

  5. I can’t start my day without a smoothie anymore! Love it.

    That is a horrible hair job, glad your smoothies helped you recover. 😉

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