It’s the little things

lemon rooibos tea

I quit drinking coffee (again) last week. Only one day of headaches, two days of brain fog, and a celebratory lemon rooibos tea. Today is Day 9, and I’m going strong.

peaches and creme smoothie

out for a run

Joined a running club at work. Every week we do two runs as a group, and at least one on our own. As my intervals get longer, I’m discovering new spots in the ‘hood. You can cover a lot of ground when you run. I’ve never been much of a runner, but I’m running

A cat in a bag

This homemade berry fruit leather.

Had to make this twice before getting it right, but mmmm fruit leather. Will make again.


Gearing up for a Sugar-Free September with these cookies. Did you know sunflower seed butter turns baking green? I didn’t! Apparently you have to reduce the baking soda and powder by 1/2 to avoid that. (But keeping this in mind for St. Patty’s for sure).

Sunday morning + Sweet potato hash

Some of my favourite summer moments were enjoyed on this patio.

on a ride at the CNE

Do you love amusement parks? I love the atmosphere and I love skeeball, but I just can’t handle rides! I’ve never liked them. I went on one negotiated ride this weekend and when it was over I though, “Ok, I survived, but there was nothing fun about that at all!” But once in a while it’s good to push myself, face my fears and risk my life, spinning around on a rusty, old ride.

jill and mike

Ferris wheels, though, I enjoy. So serene, way up high above the craziness of the whack-a-mole and soft-serve ice cream.

I compiled this post for Kimberly Snyder’s Photo Opp Challenge.


  1. OMG your cat in that paper bag is adorable. Kudos on the running (!!). And I, myself, like roller coasters but the ferris wheel kind of makes me nervous!! Funny, ‘eh? AND, how did you make the fruit leather!!? YUM!

    • ACK roller coasters 🙁 even the thought! I’ve never even been on an upside down one. Haven’t been on one at all in a good 15 years probably.

      I will try to do a more complete post on the fruit leather sometime soon but basically I blended 2 bags of frozen mixed berries in my vitamix. Spread in out on plastic wrap-lined baking sheets and baked for about 6 hours at 170F.

  2. Ah, it truly is all about the tiny little special moments…I love that you swapped coffee for tea….I really want to do that but I always have such a hard time managing it….Have a beautiful day and happy 3 months blog anniversary:) xoxo

    • I hardly even miss it now, but I’ll admit I did have a lovely coffee with breakfast on the weekend. I think once in a while is ok! Going to green tea is the best because the worst part of quitting coffee for me is the brutal headaches. For some reason going off green tea after doesn’t result in that same caffeine withdrawal.

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