Sweet links for Sugar-Free September


If you’ve gone sugar-free or are still contemplating it, I’ve rounded up some information and motivation to help you get through Sugar-Free September:

Watch this 5 minute video about how sugar affects the brain.

Later, make up some sugar-free snacks and watch Sugar: The Bitter Truth.

Here are 10 disturbing reasons why sugar is bad for you.

Fall is coming! Use your slow cooker to make sugar-free apple butter.

Have you been wondering about how fruits stack up?

If you think organic=healthy then check out these organic products with more sugar than you think!

If you’re cutting out sugar, but turning to Stevia instead, read this.

12 tips for quitting sugar.

The breakdown on all your sweetener options.

I love seeing before-and-afters.

And don’t miss my other posts for Sugar-Free September!

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  1. I have a big sweet tooth so no sugar is kind of hard me to do but I have recently started drinking my coffee sugar free! Thanks for such inspirational and educational links!

    • Oh, I have a huge sweet tooth too. Especially for cookies and cakes and things like that. Knowing it’s only for 1 month def helps though 🙂 Good job on eliminating the sugar in your coffee though! That kind of thing adds up!

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