Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Lean 30 Day Meal Plan | Week 1 Shopping Guide

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(Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Kimberly Snyder or the Glowing Lean program. I do not earn commission on any of the related links, and they are shared here for your reference only.)

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, tomorrow, after indulging in a few Halloween treats tonight, I’m going to be starting Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Lean 30 Day Meal Plan. To get myself organized, I’m going to be creating weekly shopping lists to go along with the meal plan. I’m going to share those shopping lists here on my blog to help out anyone else who is getting started with the program.

I’ve made modifications to the schedule to maximize the use of leftovers. I’ve basically reorganized it so that I’ll only need to be preparing meals every other day. As Kimberly says, her meal plan is meant to be a guide, which we are free to make our own. So my shopping list isn’t law either. There are lots of opportunities to further simplify. For instance, you can definitely buy fewer different types of greens or different types of onions to cut down your shopping list and maybe save a few bucks. I’m providing the meal plans in an easy-to-use MS Excel Workbook, so it’s really easy to modify to suit your needs.

Please note that this Shopping Guide doesn’t contain any of Kimberly’s recipes. You’ll need to purchase the 30 Day Meal Plan to get those. My shopping guide provides a day-by-day schedule along with the ingredients you’ll need on hand for each day, so you can make sure you have everything you need on hand. The Shopping Guide also includes a shopping list for the week. Most of Kimberly’s recipes provide 2-4 servings, and since there’s just two of us, I stuck fairly closely to those quantities, but make sure to consider your family size and modify the shopping list accordingly.

I’ll be updating this file with the shopping list for each week, so make sure to keep the link handy so that you can get the updated version. I’ll give you guys a reminder when the updates are available. I hope that you find this Shopping Guide useful as you get started with the Meal Plan.

To download, just enter your information in the form below to subscribe. You’ll receive an email requiring you to confirm your subscription, and then you’ll receive a link that will allow you to download the Week-by-Week Shopping Guide.

Please let me know if you run into any issues using this Shopping Guide, or if there’s anything that I should change for the upcoming weeks.

Happy shopping! And if you’re celebrating, have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

Having the right tools can go a long way in making healthy meal preparation manageable and enjoyable. Here I share some of my favourite health kitchen gadgets and tools.

Disclosure: Some of the following may be affiliate links. If you purchase those items through my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.

1. Vitamix blender

healthy kitchen gadgets: vitamix blender

No one likes a chunky smoothie, so a high-powered blender like the Vitamix is a must when it comes to making many of Kimberly’s nutritious smoothies and soups. Even when I’m not having my healthiest days, my GGS gets me through.

2. Air fryer

healthy kitchen gadgets: air fryer

Eating healthy doesn’t mean up you have to give up your favourite fries. Just swap your deep fryer for an air fryer to cut the oil (as much as 80 percent less than traditional cooking methods!). An air fryer is a kitchen must-have for healthy sweet potato fries or cauliflower wings. Looking for a great air fryer recipe?

3. Spatula

healthy kitchen gadgets: spatula

You won’t want to leave anything in the bowl when making nut butter or raw cauliflower mashed ‘potatoes’, so you need a good spatula to scrape your bowl clean.

4. Spiralizer

Healthy kitchen gadgets: veggie spiralizer

My spiralizer is one of my fav kitchen gadgets ever! Cut your carbs and up the nutrients by swapping pasta for raw or cooked zucchini, carrot or sweet potato noodles.

4. Food processor

healthy kitchen gadgets: food processor

A food processor makes quick work of sauces, nut butters and veggie burgers.

5. Glass storage containers

healthy kitchen gadgets: glass containers

Prep your healthy meals for the week in glass containers that you can safely take from the fridge to the oven or microwave.