Glowing Lean 30 Day Meal Plan – so far

acorn squash soup | glowing lean meal plan

The weekend flew by. November 1st hit and brought winter and our first flurries right with it. I’m only 3 days into Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Lean 30 Day Meal Plan, so I don’t have a whole lot to report. I hope you found my Shopping Guide useful. I’ve been starting each day with a big glass of warm lemon water, my GGS and a mug of green tea. The meals so far have been good. I like Brussel sprouts and I like Dijon mustard, but something about the Dijon Brussel sprouts recipe didn’t quite work for me. Maybe the apple cider vinegar. The acorn squash soup was delicious though. Perfect for a cold November day.

With winter quickly closing in, I’ve been spending much more time inside. I haven’t been riding my bike to work as often, and going for evening walks isn’t very appealing. But this weekend, I did get out for a run. Starting the Meal Plan put me in the extra-healthy mindset, and gave me that little push I needed to get out the door.

This weekend I ran 30 minutes straight for the first time ever! 5 months ago I started running. I remember 8 minutes seemed really hard. So did 12. But I ran 30 minutes this weekend, and it felt good. As someone who has never been much of a runner, it’s great to see that my consistency paid off. Week by week, run by run, and minute by minute, my endurance slowly built up. And that’s how I’m approaching my next few weeks on Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Lean 30 Day Meal Plan. Just like for Sugar-Free September, I’m trying to focus on everything I can eat, rather than what I’m cutting out. One of the things I love about Kimberly’s approach is that she’s not at all about restriction. She believes in consuming an abundance of the right foods.

dijon brussel sprouts - glowing lean meal plan Day 1

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