Gonna run a 10K!

I’ve decided to sign up for the SportingLife 10K in May. Woohoo!

That gives me about 4 months to get ready. I haven’t run a race since primary school, so I’m excited but nervous. They say that this is the easiest 10K there is, since it’s slightly downhill, so that works for me! This time last year I wasn’t even able to run 5 minutes straight, had never run 5km, and would never ever have considered running a 10K, so I’ve already come a long way.

I was running pretty consistently in the summer and fall with my running group at work, and I made it to just over 5K before having my surgery in November. Since then I haven’t done a whole lot of running because, well, surgery, and also because my running group has paused for winter. But now I’m going to get back into it. My surgery was less than 2 months ago, but I’m feeling great and my surgeon gave me the go-ahead.

I bought a new (used) treadmill last month but have only run on it for a few minutes at a time since it makes a horrible clunking sound and we’re waiting for the repair guys to come take a look. But now with this 10K to prepare for, I’ve committed to going for lunch runs with a coworker and her running group, which is way more hardcore than ours and has continued running in this brutally cold weather. Feels like -20, ahhh! At least there isn’t much risk of getting sweaty, right?

I went for my first run (4.5km) with the group on my lunch break yesterday. Running in the cold is definitely a challenge, but I bundled up and it wasn’t too bad. My lungs were aching from the cold air, and it didn’t help that I’m still getting over the flu, but overall it wasn’t as awful as I’d feared.

To get myself in shape for the 10K in May, for the most part I’m going to try following the running program that was provided by the running group coordinator at work. I downloaded the plan that has us starting off running approximately 4K and ends at 10K after 8 weeks with 3 runs per week (Checked off runs 1 and 2 already this week!). Other than the lunch time runs, I think I’ll be doing most of my running on my treadmill, since I’m not sure that I’ll be able to motivate myself on those dark, cold nights.

Running Blogs?

For inspiration, I’m looking for some great blogs about running. A few of the blogs that I follow that used to be about running have been taken over by cupcakes and babies! Totally great, but I want some running content, too, please!

I found this girl, who is pretty hardcore.

Even just reading this first 10K recap gets me all excited about it.

And here’s a great post about the same 10K I’m going to try.

But then this one just kinda scares me.

Do you have any running blog recommendations?

Running Apps?

I’m looking for a new running app. Ideally I’d like to plug in a distance and then have it track my distance and give me a heads up halfway so I know to turn around.

I used this C25K app last summer. I liked it for intervals, but didn’t use the GPS function because it was always pretty off. Now that I’m moving from a training plan based on time to distance, I want something that will accurately capture distance.

10K Runner seems really great, but I have an Android and I can only find it for iPhone. Might have to borrow Mike’s iPhone for this one!

Or I might try RunKeeper, which has really good reviews.

Have you used any of these? What’s your favourite running app? 


  1. The Nike Running app is what I use. You can do a timed run or distance run and it tracks your progress for you. I like it a lot. Winter running is great as long as you avoid the icy spots and layer your clothes. Don’t know of any blogs though. Have fun!

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Cari! Going for my next outdoor run tomorrow, so I hope the sidewalks are clear.

  2. Hi Jill
    thank you for all the lovely and inspiring things you post and write about. 2 things……. the kimberly snyder mealplan, I dont need the exact quantities I jyst want to know portion wise, how big would a portion per person be? And then I use the endomondo app for my running. Have a happy day

    • Hi Liezel! So glad you find it helpful. The meal plan recipes vary in terms of how many they serve. Some recipes are only 1-2 servings while others are 4-6. Fortunately many are so healthy and low-cal that you can eat a lot of it! I’ve been using MyFitnessPal.com to calculate nutrition and you could try that to help figure out portion sizes. Also, the BD books could give you a rough idea for many of the recipes. Let me know if there are particular recipes you’re wondering about and I’ll try to help you out! You can also email me at info @ homeatsix.com 🙂
      Thanks for the app recommendation!

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