Happy New Year!


And the New Year has begun!

2014 was a wonderful year, and there’s a lot coming up for 2015, too. I’m so excited for all that is in store for us. Right now the biggest things on the horizon are wedding planning (YAY and ACK!) and my trip to Costa Rica in the spring with my girlfriends (WOOHOO!).

This year, I have two New Year’s Resolutions. They’re nothing crazy, but they’re things that I think I can realistically stick with, and should seriously improve my quality of life.

In 2015, I resolve to:

1. Get more sleep.

Lately, I’ve really been struggling with getting to sleep on time, which makes each morning miserable and leaves me perpetually exhausted. I usually stay up late watching TV, just because after work and chores I feel like I deserve that me time. But that just makes me feel awful the next morning, hitting the snooze button until I need to scramble out the door. Then I feel tired, unmotivated and just generally BLAH all day. More sleep in 2015!

2. Eat without distraction.

We eat dinner in front of the TV all the time. We’re going to make an effort to shut off the TV and actually eat at the table. And no more eating in front of my computer at work. I’m going for either quality conversation or quality thinking time.

Thanks so much for continuing to read my blog. Wishing you all love, health and happiness in 2015! 

xo, Jill


  1. Happy New Year! I love your resolution to eat without distraction, I really need to add that one to my list. I am so jealous that you are heading to Costa Rica by the way – so fun!!

    • It’s been going well so far, but I’ve been slipping and eating snacks in front of the TV without even noticing. Ooops!
      I know!!! I am so excited for that trip!

  2. Hi Jill, Gail McLeod is a friend of mine and shared your beef brisket recipe on Facebook. Naturally, I took advantage and made it. It was wonderful and love your blog.

    • Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Mary-Anne! Glad you enjoyed the brisket! We’ve been enjoying leftovers from the freezer and it seem to taste better each time 🙂

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