Saying ‘I do’: Save the Dates

New Year's Eve Save the Date

Since we nailed down our venue, the next thing on our wedding to-do list was to send out Save the Date cards.

I don’t think Save the Dates are done very much (at least I haven’t ever received one), but because of our New Year’s Eve wedding date, we wanted to make sure to give all our guests ample notice. It’s a busy time of year, so sending out Save the Date cards would give everyone plenty of time to plan, especially for our guests from out of town.

Instead of sending snail mail, we used to send out electronic Save the Date cards. It was so convenient and the designs are super cute and can be tailored to fit any theme. They have thousands of templates and designs to choose from, and it was so much fun to design a custom card that suited our New Year’s Eve theme.

I just uploaded a picture that was taken of us on our trip to Paris, where we got engaged, chose a template and added some text. In just a few minutes, I had our Save the Date ready to go. Although it’s not the same as getting a letter in the mailbox, you do get all the satisfaction of personalizing the card with a background, envelope and envelope liner, which your guests get to open electronically. Plus, you can track if your Save the Date was opened, so you know who to follow up with if you see that your less tech-savvy aunt didn’t check her email.

A really cool feature on is that you can select an option to collect your guests’ mailing addresses, which we’ll need when we’re ready to send out the invitations later this year. Guests are also able to send you a message within the system to send their congratulations or to ask any questions they might have. Now that our guests’ email addresses are in the system, we can conveniently use it to send out individual or group messages throughout the year if there are any changes or if anything comes up closer to the wedding date. We’ll also be able to send little reminders to any guests that forget to respond with their address.

We’re planning to send hard copy invitations out to our guests in the mail later in the year, which can be ordered straight through, too. Once our guests reply to the Save the Date with their mailing addresses, they’ll be conveniently ready to go for the invitations.

Save the Date Envelope


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