Birthday month stalled my weight loss (and why I’m ok with that)

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March is birthday month in my group of friends, so we’ve been doing a lot of eating, dancing, drinking and celebrating lately!

For my own birthday, we went to Boots and Bourbon, a local country bar. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to ride the mechanical bull, but I had such an amazing time with all my friends that came out. I felt so loved. Thanks, y’all!

bday flowers

The downside of a month packed full of celebratory occasions, is that my weight loss progress totally stalled. It wasn’t just birthday eats, but also some stress-eating during a few emotional low points (wedding planning! work! friends! life!), which sabotaged my weight loss this month.

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But I’m OK with it. I still tracked things pretty consistently on and stuck with my running program. Rather than letting myself get discouraged because I didn’t lose any weight all month, I focused on the positive progress I’ve been making (running 5K like it’s no big deal now, yeah!). And honestly, just that is progress in itself. Losing weight without being crazy about losing weight is just as big of a goal as dropping those pounds.

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Especially when trying to lose only a small amount of weight, the difference between maintaining and losing is only a few hundred calories per day, so it’s really easy to go over, especially when birthday cupcakes are thrown into the mix. A few extra dinners out on the town and an extra slice of cake can spell the difference between losing weight or not, or even gaining. So while the difference between losing, maintaining, or gaining can be super teeny tiny, the difference between losing my sh*t and just taking it all in stride is the biggest deal ever.


Some days, weeks and months I’ll be able to stick to my diet and lose weight, and other times it just won’t happen. It could be social events, stress, hormones or a combination of all those things, like it was this month, but life happens and feeling bad about it isn’t going to help anything (and usually only makes things worse!). Weight loss isn’t linear, and the ups and downs are part of the process. The best thing I can do is just keep tracking, and keep coming back to my goals and keep working on my relationship with food.


Another thing that I’m hoping will help me stick to my goals without getting totally crazy around food is Kimberly Snyder’s new book, Beauty Detox Power! I love her advice regarding super healthy food, but losing weight would be easy if it was JUST about the food.

The reason many of us run into trouble is because our relationships with food are SO COMPLICATED! And Kimberly Snyder’s new book promises to cover so much more about the mind-body connection. Can’t wait to learn more!

Also, with pre-order, Kimberly Snyder is offering the most insane giveaway including a chance to win 15 Vitamix blenders and a trip to Mexico! AND SO MUCH MORE.

Click here for all the details!

birthday flowers

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  1. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. I am THRILLED you had a wonderful and tasty birthday month thus far —– And it’s not over yet! Keep on enjoying and just jump back on track April 2nd (not 1st because that day is just straight up trickery!)

    • For sure! Two more bday nights out this weekend PLUS wedding food tasting this week. YEP, March is a good month! Trying to enjoy while also making good choices 🙂

  2. It’s true, so easy to focus on the small things we messed up instead of the huge progress we are making in life! Congrats running races are so fun, they’re so motivating I love them 🙂 and I’m excited about Kimberly’s book too can’t wait! 😀 <3

    • Just received the notification that my books have been shipped. Woohoo!
      It’s especially easy to lose sight of all that progress, when we focus on the scale, too!

  3. So pleased you had a great month and those flowers look swoon-worthy. I’m loving your positive outlook – you’re doing great, sweetie. xoxo

    • Thanks! That white bouquet (gift from Mike) is still going strong and looking gorgeous weeks later! 🙂

  4. I am glad that you are enjoying and not giving too much thought to weight issues!! I agree life is too short but I do believe that if you are working out , then you are ok!! Girl enjoy this amazing time. You are doing GREAT!!

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