Saying ‘I do’: choosing a wedding band

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Since we got engaged last October, I’ve been loving wearing my engagement ring everyday. I hadn’t really given wedding bands much thought, but now that we’re only a few months out from the wedding, wedding band shopping is rising up on the to-do list.  Now that I’ve started exploring my options, there are so many to consider!

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One of my favourite looks is multiple stacking bands. An infinity band worn on either side of the engagement ring is a popular look, but I love all the possibilities that come with mixing and matching various bands. Some people add rings on anniversaries, but there’s no need to wait, and two bands are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Mike and I chose my engagement ring together (though he surprised me with a Paris proposal), and one of the things I went back and forth on the most was which metal to choose. I had typically only really worn yellow gold. The necklace I wear every day is yellow gold, and the rings I wear most often all happen to be yellow gold. But we decided that a white gold setting helped make those diamonds sparkle. Stacking wedding bands are a wonderful opportunity to mix metals.

And then there are enhancers. As the name implies, enhancers, which can be one piece or two, are meant to enhance your engagement ring by adding some extra glam. I find some of these kind of funny, but I think they’re a great option to really change up the look of your ring. Have a solitaire and prefer a 3-stone? There’s an enhancer for that! The downside is that they don’t generally look very nice worn on their own, so you usually have to wear it together with your engagement ring. Because of that, and to keep everything lined up in the right place, some people choose to have them soldered together with their engagement ring.


Going the opposite direction, I also love the symbolism of a super simple band. A thin band let’s the engagement ring be the star, and is so sweet when worn on its own. It won’t get caught on things and is a good option when traveling abroad or doing certain activities.

I’m still not sure which direction I’ll go. I think I need to just go try on more options and see what feels right.

What’s your favourite wedding ring look?


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