Sugar-free for 30 days!

It is completely blowing my mind that it’s already the end of August and September is just around the corner. Where has this summer gone?!

You might remember that last year, I went sugar-free for 30 days last September. It was a great experience because it caused me to pay close attention to how much sugar I was really eating every day in the form of sneaky hidden sugars. Since my last Sugar-Free September, I’ve kept up the habit of avoiding unnecessary added sugars in products like yogurt, pasta sauce and especially cereal.

I don’t think we’ve bought a single box of cereal with added sugar all year! Cereal is just one of the many products that contains added sugar, but it’s a great example of how a small decision to avoid added sugars can have a big impact on your overall sugar intake.

Before Sugar-Free September 2014, one of my favourite breakfast cereals was Quaker Oats Harvest Crunch Raisin Almond Granola Cereal. I knew it wasn’t the healthiest breakfast option ever, but I’d eat it pretty often.

Each serving contains 200 calories and 14 grams of sugar.


I swapped out the Harvest Crunch for Post Shredded Wheat Cereal, which contains 170 calories and 0 grams of sugar!

I don’t eat cereal every day, but if I were to eat the sugary cereal 5 days per week, that’s 3,640 grams of sugar per year. At 4 calories per gram of sugar, that’s 14,560 calories per year, which can equal 4 pounds of fat on your body! That’s 4 pounds just in the sugar from breakfast cereal. Just the small change of opting for sugar-free cereal instead of the cereal with 14 grams of sugar can shave 2 pounds off your body.


While avoiding added sugars is a challenge, doing it for 30 days is an eye-opening experience. Last year I managed to for sugar-free for 30 days and even hosted a Sugar-Free Thanksgiving dinner complete with a sugar-free pumpkin pie.

Now I’m going to do it again! If you want to go sugar-free for 30 days, too, join me for Sugar-Free September. Who’s in?




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