Saying ‘I do’: Wearing a veil – yes or no?

World's longest veil

Would (did) you wear a veil on your wedding day?

There’s a reason that they always jack a bride up with a veil on Say Yes to the Dress. If the white gown doesn’t do the trick, then the veil definitely screams bride.

Like wedding bands, wearing a veil is something I vaguely knew I’d consider during my wedding planning, but it certainly wasn’t anything I had any very defined opinions on. At some point during my wedding dress shopping, I decided that I was going to wear one. There’s just something about wearing a veil that really pulled the look together for me. Once that was decided, I realized that it wasn’t as easy as that, since there are countless styles to choose from!

Who knew that sticking a piece of tulle on my head could get so complicated?

Veil styles.

There are a few consideration when it comes to choosing the right veil; length, number of tiers and embellishments are among those choices.

One tier or two? Short or long? Lace or rhinestones?

One of my favourite looks is a simple, raw edge fingertip veil.

Fingertip veil


I love the idea of wearing a long veil, which can be removed, instead of dealing with a super long train on your dress.

Long romantic veil


Birdcage veils are perfect for the retro bride.

birdcage veil


Instead of on top, the veil can be pinned underneath a bun.



Or fastened with a playful bow.

veil with bow


For a bold look, make a statement with a cap veil.

Juliet cap veil


What’s your favourite look?

The veiling ceremony.

In Judaism, the groom traditionally lowers the bride’s veil before the ceremony. This tradition stems from the bible story in which Jacob, fooled by his future father-in-law, unknowingly married the sister of his intended bride. He couldn’t tell he was marrying the wrong woman because her face was covered by the veil. To avoid that awkward situation, grooms now lower the veil after double-checking that they’ve got the right lady. A sweet interpretation of the veiling ceremony is also that it indicates that the groom is only interested in the bride’s inner beauty.

We’ve decided that we’re going to incorporate the veiling ceremony into our first look. Hey, photo-op!

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    • I know! It looks so gorgeous with that dress.
      I’m due to go for my fitting soon, so I’ll be trying my veil options then!

  1. Hi Jill! I just discovered your blog after you linked to the Smashing The Glass image about veils and Judaism. I love your blog and the way you write! I particularly love your recipes and your posts about creative details eg. The wedding envelope font. I’ll be following your blog now – especially in the lead up to your awesome sounding wedding! All the best – Karen x

    • Aww thanks so much for checking out my blog. I’m transitioning it into blogging a lot more about wedding and DIY, so I hope you’ll follow! I’m going to spend a lot more time on Smashing the Glass now to take away some of those amazing ideas to incorporate into our wedding!
      (I fixed the hosting issue on that photo btw 🙂

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