Saying ‘I do’: NYE wedding invitations

New Year's Eve Wedding Invitations

The wedding invites came in this week and they turned out exactly as I’d hoped! While I won’t share the final product here until my guests have received them, since I’m pretty excited about them, I thought I’d do a quick blog about the process.

Way back in March, I sent out e-Save the Date cards using When guests received the Save the Date in their email, they were prompted to enter their mailing address, so that we’d have them ready to go for the formal invitations. While about 60% of our guests responded with their addresses, I recently used to send the remaining non-responders a reminder and request to complete their address information. Now I have 90% of the addresses, which makes following up individually with those last few people a pretty easy process. A few people did have a bit of trouble with the cards and couldn’t figure out how to open them or how to enter their addresses, but the large majority had no issue at all. As a side note, it wasn’t our older guests who had trouble with it, either 🙂New Year's Eve Wedding Invitations

When it came time to order my invitations, I had hoped to order them through, too, since despite their name, they do offer paper cards. However, it turns out that they don’t ship to Canada.

After some searching, I came across You can simply order one of their stock cards, or you have pretty much limitless ability to customize your invitation. I had so much fun designing every little detail of our wedding invitation. Invitations are your guests’ first introduction to your wedding, so I loved playing around with mine until I felt that they really conveyed the feel of our wedding.

I started with a template that reflected our NYE theme, and then was able to customize the card with a huge selection of background options, layers and stickers, until I settled on my final design. I feel like I was able to strike the balance I was looking for between NYE glam and wedding elegance. I hope our guests like them, too!

Through, I was also able to order coordinating address labels, to really complete the look. My order arrived 2 weeks from the date I placed it, so the whole process went really well.New Year's Eve Wedding InvitationsWe’re asking our guests to RSVP through our wedding website (which I’ve set up using, so we didn’t order the matching response cards and envelopes. We decided to go ahead with e-RSVP’s, because it’s much more cost-effective, especially if people end up not sending in their response cards anyway. Even with the inclusion of self-address stamped envelopes, I’ve heard that up to 50% of invited guests won’t send in their response cards in time, or at all.

We expect to have to follow up with some people, since that’s pretty inevitable, but at least we won’t have wasted a stamp! We also included the option to respond to our invitation by email, just in case anyone has trouble with the e-RSVP system on our website.

In the coming months, check back on my blog (or maybe even your mailbox) to see the invitations.

In this post I’ve included some of my fav wedding invitations from, which I think would be perfect for a NYE wedding. You can’t go wrong with some black and gold and glitter!


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