Bye, bye sugar cravings – Sugar-Free September Update

I’m 3 weeks into Sugar-Free September, so it’s time for an update. Since January, I’ve lost just about 19 pounds! (almost 20 lbs! crazy!) Almost 5 of those pounds have dropped off in just the last 3 weeks since I quit sugar with Sugar-Free September.

How has dropping sugar helped me drop the pounds?

Since I’ve been consistently logging my food on MyFitnessPal all year, I was excited to pull up the report that showed my sugar intake. I was sure that even though I hadn’t cut out natural sugars, cutting out those added sugars would have made a big impact. When I pulled up my report, I was actually a little bit disappointed!

I’ve been doing such a good job of avoiding added sugars. Not a single candy has passed these lips! But looking at this little graph, my sugar intake doesn’t really seem any different than the previous couple months when I wasn’t avoiding added sugars.sugar

When I looked a bit more closely, I did see some interesting things. My (added) sugar-free period is only 3 weeks long so far, so I don’t have a whole lot of data to go on, but it does seem to me like my sugar consumption is a little more steady. In the preceding weeks, it seems like every few days, my sugar consumption would spike up before dropping down again. I think that this is illustrating in a nice graphical form, my pattern of diligently sticking to my healthy diet before finally giving in to those sugar cravings before again re-committing to my diet.

Could avoiding added sugars be helping me avoid that sugar cravings cycle even if it hasn’t drastically reduced my overall sugar intake?

Maybe there’s something to this. I did find that after about a week into Sugar-Free September, my sugar cravings had really subsided. Sure, when I see a cookie or pumpkin scone, I think that I might enjoy one, but it has actually been pretty easy to just tell myself “no for now, not forever” and move on.

I took a look at my calorie report for more clues, and I think I might be on to something! Doesn’t it look like there’s a whole lot less fluctuation going on in September? Ok, the data is forcing me to come clean. I cheated on my Sugar-Free September rules a littly teeny bit. That one tall spike is entirely due to a few glasses of wine that I had this past weekend while on a little getaway to visit a friend in Ottawa. I couldn’t say no, that would have been rude! 😉 Still though, that wasn’t in response to cravings, whereas those other spikes are nearly always from craving-induced candy runs.


Maybe avoiding added sugars is helping me stick to my calorie goals even if I’m still eating roughly the same amount of total sugar.

Only time will tell, so I’m going to keep trying to avoid added sugars for the rest of September, and probably into October, too.


    • I noticed it last year when I tried, and I’m feeling it again now…quitting sugar makes me HAPPY! Seriously, my mood is just consistently good every day and I wake up with more energy. Of course sugary treats make me happy, too, but I really do think that the biggest effect I notice is on my emotions. Interesting, huh?

  1. We continue to avoid added sugars, except I did have a Timbit at a meeting the other day! Oh yes, wine counts doesn’t it! Today, after reading about hemp hearts, we’ll be getting a bag to try out. You’re setting a good example for us, Jill!

    • Aww so sweet! Sweet, but sugar-free 🙂 Hope you enjoy the hemp hearts. You can sneak them into just about everything!

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