Saying ‘I do’ to the Hairdo: wedding hair trial

Braided side bun wedding updo for medium length brunette hair

This weekend I had my wedding hair trial with Monica from MonStyleFile. I’d sent Monica a few inspiration pictures, including this one, and I think she totally nailed the look I wanted!

My biggest priority was choosing a style that would hold up. We’re doing our photos before the ceremony, so I wanted to make sure that my hairdo would hold up for hours. Although I usually prefer to wear my hair down, I think that an updo will hold up a lot better. The last thing I want is my curls falling limp before I even walk down the aisle.

Braided side bun wedding updo \ wedding hairstyle

I really liked the low side bun that I’d worn for our downtown photo shoot a few months ago, and although I considered a lot of other styles, I decided that I was going to stick with a similar look for our wedding day. I think a braided side bun is such a pretty and romantic bridal look. I think it will look perfect with a veil, too.

This wasn’t at all planned, but I ended up putting my hairdo through the biggest pressure test ever. Right after getting my hair done, I attended my friend’s birthday party where we played an hour of BUBBLE SOCCER!

Don’t know what bubble soccer is? Watch this:

Yes, after being bounced around in a giant inflatable bubble, my hair actually still looked great!

bubble soccer toronto

The braid, tons of hairspray and 79 bobby pins (yes, I counted!) definitely did the trick! I think that if my hairdo could withstand a game of bubble soccer, it should be looking pretty good all night at our wedding.

wedding hair trial updo | Low braided side bun | romantic wedding hairstyle


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