Saying ‘I do’: The perfect font for wedding envelopes



As our New Year’s Eve wedding rapidly approaches, I’m preparing to send out our invitations at the end of the month.

I previously shared the e-Save-the-Date cards that we sent out, and I recently posted about how I used to design our wedding invitations. I’m really happy with how they turned out, but I won’t share them on the blog until they’ve been sent out to my guests, since I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Apparently using address labels on wedding envelopes is an etiquette faux pas. Wouldn’t want our guests opening their mailbox to a labeled envelope *gasp*! Ok, so I’m not at all fussed about etiquette rules, and couples are using such gorgeous approaches to labels that I think we can toss that old rule. There’s no reason labels need to have your invitation looking like junk mail.



Calligraphy is still the top traditional choice, but although I was a member of Mrs. Johnson’s after-school calligraphy club in the 6th grade, I wasn’t prepared to tackle that myself.  And hiring a calligrapher certainly wasn’t in the budget. We’re not that fancy!

(This calligraphy cheat is great for anyone that does want to take on the task.)



I wanted our invitations and envelopes to reflect our wedding, but I didn’t want to go overboard. People are doing the most beautiful things with invitations, but it all ends up in the recycling bin eventually anyway.

I decided that our easiest and most affordable option was to find a pretty font and to print directly on the wedding envelopes. I spent more time than I’d like to admit searching through the thousands of fonts available for download at I wanted a wedding envelope font that looked handwritten and suited our wedding theme.

A great feature on is that you can enter your own line of text, so that when you scroll through the many, many fonts, you can see how your line of text appears in each of them. I entered ‘Mr. Mrs. John and & 0123’. It’s important to include the numbers, ampersand and period because while some of the fonts are gorgeous, they might not include numbers or symbols.

I wanted to make sure that the wedding envelopes font I chose would be legible, since I didn’t want any of my invitations not to arrive at their intended destinations. While some fonts might look gorgeous, your guest won’t see it if their invitation gets lost in the mail!

After searching through the endless selection of fonts, I downloaded my top choices and tested them out in a word document so I’d see how my wedding invitation envelopes would look addressed with each one. That allowed me to compare the fonts for both the look and legibility.

Wedding envelope fonts

It was hard to choose, but I found the perfect wedding envelopes font: Cursive Option (the 3rd from the top in the left-hand column in the image above). It looks handwritten, but is still legible. I’ll share some pictures of my envelopes on the blog soon!




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