Saying ‘I do’: New Year’s Eve Wedding

Happy New Year! | Home at Six

We’re married! Our New Year’s Eve wedding was an absolute blast. If you follow me (or Home at Six) on Instagram, you might have seen some of the pics. Everything was perfect and it made all the many, many months of planning and prepping totally worth it. Our wedding was everything we wanted and more and our guests had a fabulous time. The only bummer is that it’s all over!

Home at Six | wedding photos

Our families arrived a couple weeks before the wedding, and we were fortunate to spend time with them leading up to the big day. Since both our families live far away, we weren’t able to involve them much in the planning, so it was great to have them in town for some quality time.

Home at Six | wedding photos

Home at Six | wedding photos


Home at Six | wedding photos

I put a lot of thought into every detail and loved to be creative, crafty and as thrifty as possible when it came to every aspect of our wedding. It came together exactly as I’d imagined and it really all was a dream come true.

Sweet Heart Table | Home at SixHome at Six | wedding photosHome at Six | wedding photos

There are so many details I’d love to document here on my blog, so bit by bit and project by project I’ll be posting to share it all along with posts of my favourite New Year’s Eve wedding inspiration, my bridezilla moments, vendor experiences and some wedding planning tips and tricks. I hope you’ll enjoy!

Home at Six | wedding photos


  1. Aw, it’s so neat to finally see pics from your big day! Everything turned out beautiful and you look absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to see more about all of the details. CONGRATULATIONS!! 🙂

  2. Aww… congrats and happy New Year, darling!!! I love your dress, your hair, the whole decor – ah, all those photos are utterly stunning:) So glad everything went well and I’m looking forward to more photos..yay! xoxo

  3. Congratulations!!!! What a gorgeous dress and wedding!! Many blessings to you and your husband 🙂 🙂

  4. I have been lurking on your blog for the longest time! So cool to see the pictures!! We are getting married next NYE.

    • Oh, yay! Congrats! That’s so exciting! We’re so happy we went with NYE. It makes the wedding extra special!

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