Redecorating the bedroom (progress update)

bedroom makeover I mentioned a while ago that since we decided to stay put in our current apartment, we are doing some redecorating to freshen things up. We started with redecorating the bedroom, and while it still needs some finishing touches, it’s almost done! It has definitely come a long way from our dark, cabin-y old room!

We painted the bedroom a very light grey. So light that it’s almost white, but still reads grey with the whiter trim. The wall paint is Benjamin Moore’s Intense White and the trim is Benjamin Moore’s Purest White.

bedroom makeover

We replaced our night stands with Malm dressers from Ikea. The mirrors which still need to be hung up on the wall are also from Ikea. The headboard, lamps and bed skirt are from HomeSense and we picked up the bedding at a local shop. I found the throw pillows at H&M (love their new home section!).

bedroom makeoverWe put up a new white roller blind, but still have grey curtains to hang. Our walls are concrete, so putting anything up is always a big ordeal, since we can’t get through the wall with a regular drill and have to go rent one.

Also still need to figure out artwork. No clue what we should put above the bed. And we need a new rug, too. It’s still a much more peaceful, comfortable space than it was before. It’ll be even more comfortable when we go for a pillow upgrade.

As we put the finishing touches on the bedroom, we’ve already started to tear apart the kitchen. Oh my gosh, we are going to have the biggest yard sale! As I was packing up bins of things we want to get rid of, I was like, “This is crazy! We’re not MOVING…this is all stuff we don’t need!” I’ve been reading the KonMari book, so the urge to purge is strong! 🙂

bedroom makeover bedroom makeover bedroom makeover


    • Thanks! It’s def so much better 🙂 We’ve now hung the mirrors and curtains and things so once we find some artwork I’ll share!!

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