Living room BEFORE pictures

I’m back from vacation and here today with some living room before pictures. And they’re a wee bit scary.

We’ve nearly put the final touches on our bedroom re-do, so I want to share pictures of that soon, but we’ve since gotten going on redecorating our living room, which desperately needed a makeover.

I’m really excited to redecorate this room because it’s where we spend the most time at home. But for that same reason, I want to tread carefully and make good room makeover - before

We’re keeping the couch, dining table (it expands to seat 8!) and chairs, and already replaced the old MCM TV stand with this dresser I found on Kijiji. Other than a few treasured keepsakes, we got rid of everything. Even the couch and chairs are due for new covers, so we should have a brand new living room by the end of this!

I did like our living room, especially in the evenings when it felt so cozy, but the two-tone paint job had to go and the room was really due for an update. It had been pieced together over time, but never with any real intention.

Living room makeover - before pictures

The first step was doing some major de-cluttering. I used the Kon Mari method (like I did on my closet) and was able to part with SO MUCH STUFF. Even those items I spent a lot of money on at one time, and those gifts that I hung onto just because they were gifts, and even some items that I really, really liked, but just didn’t have a place for.

Living room makeover - before pictures

You can see how much de-cluttering I did, from these pictures, since when it occurred to me to take some before photos, half of the room was taken up by things that we rounded up for our yard sale (no, we didn’t regularly keep a Keurig in the living room!).

Living room makeover - before pictures

Yes, our living room was kinda cluttered, but definitely not typically this full! Look beyond the piles of yard sale stuff and I think you can see what we had going on. You can also see our old intercom. I’d love to replace it with one the new wireless home intercom systems.

Even before I took those photos, we got rid of this oversized chair that no one sat in, but took up a lot of room. Covered in fur (blanket and cat) is the ottoman that doubled as a coffee table using a tray, which I also sold on Kijiji because it took up so much room.

Living room makeover - before pictures

The first coat of fresh paint is up now, and once that’s done, I’m hoping to find a few new pieces that will make the space feel larger and lighter.

And for a way back throwback, this is my living room from back when I lived with roommates, didn’t watch TV, and thought painting my walls burnt pumpkin orange was a good idea.

Orange living room - before picture


  1. Hey, I’m so glad I’ve found your blog again! I have been trying to find it a lot,but forgot it had .com at the end and stupid me was searching for a blogspot blog. I was getting a little worried and was going to email you again, so I’m glad to see you’re still around! Did you get my email in the middle of May by the way? I hope it helped in some small way, I’ve been thinking about you lots and hoping everything is going well in your life.

    I’m glad you’ve just had a nice vacation, your living room looks brilliant, you really are good at transforming rooms! Love having a nosey, so thanks for showing us! XxxX

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