22-week pregnancy update

20-week ultrasound

Happy December!

Since I last shared my pregnancy news and the story of our complications, things have been progressing well. I ended up spending a total of 1 month on bed rest before heading back to the office. I took it easy though, since I wasn’t officially taken off bed rest for another two weeks after that. Some of the original concerns seem to have resolved, while a couple of unexpected new issues cropped up that may or may not become problems. Apparently I have a bunch of large placental lakes and the umbilical cord is eccentric, meaning it inserted into the placenta off centre, which can prevent the baby from getting enough nutrients as it grows. The baby’s growth is now being monitored a bit more frequently, but so far he’s doing perfectly well. Yes, I said he! We found out we are having a baby boy at our 20-week anatomy scan.

The ultrasound tech had asked us if we wanted to hear her guess about sex a few weeks earlier, and she told us she thought the baby was a boy. I figured that she probably wouldn’t have given us her guess if she didn’t really know, so we were pretty confident we were having a boy, but it was still fun to get the confirmation at the 20-week ultrasound. I didn’t have a preference at all, but I’m really excited to raise a boy. Growing up with just my sister and mom, the idea of having a little boy in the family seems so foreign!

20-week pregnancy photo

Earlier this week, for the first time, someone offered me a seat on the streetcar because she noticed I was pregnant, so I think I’ve officially transitioned from chubby-or-pregnant to definitely-preggers. My sister asked me earlier on how I was feeling about my body changing, and then and now I feel pretty much fine so far. I bet I’ll be feeling differently when I’m about to burst in a few months, though. Having clothes that fit comfortably definitely makes all the difference. I grew out of my pants pretty early on, and have been living in my H&M MAMA jeans. All my tops seemed to shrink overnight, so I picked up a few simple ruched tees from Old Navy, which are cute and comfy with my cardigans and jackets. A couple weeks ago I was at a maternity store looking for a dress for a Christmas party we went to, and another girl in the fitting room was just sobbing! Based on what I overheard, it was her first time shopping for maternity clothes, and I guess it wasn’t going well. Hormones, I’m sure. Poor girl 🙁


Most exciting of all, I have started to feel the baby kick. I’d been getting uncomfortable stabby pains here and there, which I thought might be the baby (with a butcher knife), but last week I felt legit kicks for the first time. I felt two in a row and then put my hand on my belly and felt one from the outside, too. A few days later, Mike got to feel him for the first time. Especially with concerns about the baby’s growth, it’s wonderful to have a solid indication that he’s been growing bigger and stronger since our last appointment.

We’re starting to get ourselves organized with figuring out which baby things we need to get including the stroller, car seat and crib. There are so many options out there. Where do you even begin? Another question we’ve been asking ourselves is whether we want to go with cloth diapers instead of disposables. So many decisions to think about!



  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m doing IVF PGD for BRCA as well and have had road bump after roadbump since June. Most recently I failed 1 FET in oct and this week had another FET canceled day of transfer because of thin lining and contractions. I’ve been a mess all week thinking about how badly I want this baby and how much IVFpgd has been a really hard emotional roller coaster on top of all the BRCA crap in life. But seeing your update that things (although not perfect) are successfully moving along and you felt your sweet son! kick has helped bring me back hope this morning. Thank you. And sending much love and wishes for a smoother rest of your pregnancy. Xoxo

    • I’m sooo sorry that your FETs haven’t worked out as planned. It’s so much work to prep for the FET that I can only imagine how upsetting this is for you. I was also having thin lining issues and I think I just squeaked by their threshold at the very latest date, but I have wondered if going ahead could have caused any of the problems we’ve run into since. Probably no way of knowing. You probably felt the same as I did in that BRCA was the big thing to worry about and PGD would take care of most problems. I didn’t really appreciate just how many factors need to align just right to make a baby!
      I really hope things align right for you soon. Wishing you all the best! Xoxo

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