30-week pregnancy update

30 weeks pregnant

Wow! Can’t believe we’ve hit the 30 week mark. When we were going through our pregnancy complications earlier on, I was told I’d likely be on bed rest until week 20, and that seemed sooo far off. Hitting that 27-week viability mark seemed far beyond the horizon. But here we are, in the home stretch.

At our most recent ultrasound, everything was looking great. Baby is on the larger side, sitting in the 80th percentile. Since one of our big concerns was growth restriction, that’s certainly the better alternative.

23-week ultrasound

Also making things more real has been making some of those big purchases. Our nursery is mostly set up. We now have a stroller, crib and car seat. I’ve also started giving more thought to some of those birth plan issues. Epidural? Delayed cord cutting? Cord blood banking? And I’m compiling a list of the things we still need. Like clothes and diapers, and since we’ll be bottle feeding due to my prophylactic mastectomy, we’ll definitely be needing plenty of bottles for the baby, and a bottle sterilizer to make things easy.

25 weeks prenant

A few weeks ago, Mike and I started our prenatal classes, so at least there’s some forced education happening. There are only 4 other couples in the class, but we’re all due around the same time, so it’s fun to be around other people who are in the same stage of pregnancy as us. Last week we had a tour at the hospital where we’ll be delivering. It’s comforting to now be able to visualize where it’ll all be going down.

26-week ultrasound

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve noticed that my energy has been decreasing a little bit. During the second trimester, I couldn’t have felt better (after I got off bed rest, at least). I had a lot of energy and felt great.

28-weeks pregnant

Now that I’m into the third trimester, I’ve definitely been noticing myself slowing down. It’s not nearly to the point of that first trimester exhaustion, but I’m back to hitting the 3pm slump and am feeling pretty run down by the end of the work day. I feel like this is more like the regular non-pregnant me though, and my second trimester energy boost was more the anomaly. Fortunately, I knew this was coming eventually, so I did try to get as much done as possible during the second trimester including finishing up most of the redecorating of our apartment.

30-week ultrasound

I’ve also recently started feeling a bit more body aches than I had previously. My belly is feeling pretty large now (although everyone has a different opinion of how large (or not) I am lol), and my back and feet are getting sore from the extra weight. I consider myself super lucky though, since my coworker who is due just 5 days after me has been unable to get a good night’s rest in months. Although my first trimester was pretty miserable, and bed rest wasn’t fun, I feel like the last few months have been just the sort of lovely sunshine and rainbows pregnancy that we all hope for. Hoping for another smooth and healthy 10 weeks to go!

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