Happy New Year (and our first wedding anniversary!)

new year ultrasound

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is treating you well so far 🙂 2016 just seemed to fly by and this new year doesn’t seem to be slowing down any either.


New Years Eve marked our first wedding anniversary! We marked the occasion with a steak dinner, a bite of our freezer-burnt wedding cake (ew), and a NYE celebration with friends.

first wedding anniversary photo book gift from shutterfly

Since the first wedding anniversary is traditionally the ‘paper anniversary’, I gifted Mike a photo book that included pictures from our Paris proposal, engagement shoots and wedding. I created my photo book using Shutterfly.com (affiliate link), and I was able to put together my photo book in just a couple hours.

first wedding anniversary photo book

wedding photo book from shutterfly.com

My photo book gift to Mike was entirely related to one of my current goals to finally get a handle on my digital photos. I haven’t printed a photo since high school and my digital photos have been scattered across numerous files, folders and hard drives. While we have the photos from our wedding in an album, none of our other pictures had been printed. The only reason our wedding photos are even in an album is because our photographers gave us the prints.  I know that once the baby comes, the photos will multiply exponentially, so now is the time to get things organized.

first wedding anniversary photo book

I’ve now spent several evenings organizing photos into folders by year and occasion and am already feeling better about having them all neatly categorized. But I’m not sure what to do next. Even neatly organized on a hard drive, they’re just going to keep piling up, never to be seen again. Should I print photos and put them in albums? Should I create several more photo books? Also, what’s the best approach for backing up my digital photos? I’ve already had one hard drive crash on me, so I know those don’t last forever. I’d love any suggestions!


  1. it’s a bit cheesy, but facebook works for us. You get to to put the dates in and then it’s there forever.. or until facebook dies. Added bonus that our family and friends get to see our adventures too.

  2. HAPPY new year!! What a cute sonogram pic hehe! That’s great that you have your photos organized. I myself have started to print the best memories into albums or picture frames, definitely worth it. A good way to back up photos is to an online cloud. If you have Gmail you can back up to Google Drive, I believe you start with 5 gb free and can pay for more storage. If you have Amazon prime, they just started free unlimited photo storage with them. Theres also dropbox and flickr. Online is the best backup as well so you can access your content anywhere 😀

    • I like the idea of backing up in a cloud. I’ll have to check out the various options. Thanks for the suggestions!

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