35-Week Pregnancy Update

I’m officially 35 weeks pregnant! We’ll be meeting our little one in just a few weeks. My due date is April 5th, but I was warned that baby could come any time in March, so I’m trying to get mentally ready for that. Plus we know several babies that came a few weeks early recently, so that possibility is top of mind.

12 to 32 weeks

I’m now seeing my OB on a weekly basis and am still having frequent ultrasounds to monitor baby’s growth. So far, so good, and I love that we get to see our baby so often. Just look at those pouty lips <3

35 week ultrasound

Lately I’ve been feeling OK. Not the worst ever, but I am pretty constantly aware of being large and uncomfortable and pregnant. I had a couple weeks of really awful sleep because of acid reflux, but that has subsided recently. Although I still wake up throughout the night, it’s not nearly as bad as it had been.

32 weeks pregnant

My biggest complaint is that I have one spot on the right side of my mid-to-upper back and a corresponding spot on the front that kills. 

My OB was concerned that it might be a liver issue since I’ve also had a few bouts of severe swelling (including having to get my rings cut off!) as well as blurred vision, but two sets of blood and urine tests didn’t reveal any problems, so she’s chalking it up to having a giant baby inside of me. It’s a pain that comes and goes, but when it comes it’s awful. The only thing that brings any relief is lying on the floor on top of a floor hockey ball. I’ve started bringing the ball to work with me and putting it between my back and my chair, which also helps a bit.

34 weeks pregnant

Although my tests looked good, my OB did say that if any of my existing symptoms gets really bad, I should head to triage. I think the concern is preeclampsia, although my blood pressure keeps checking out fine. She mentioned that the only fix would be to deliver the baby, but she said that fortunately, at this stage, we’d “pretty much have a take-home baby”. Meaning we’re mostly in the clear from having to worry about preemie problems. That’s very comforting, but another reason to really get my hospital bag ready!

35 weeks pregnant


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