My favorite infant products (the 3 month edition)

Life with a newborn can be a blur. I started this post (and others) ages ago and am just getting this 3-month update done as Duncan’s rapidly approaching the 4-month mark.

His little personality is starting to emerge, and he is becoming curious about the world around him. He always wants to see what’s going on, preferring to sit up, only rarely allowing me to cradle him in my arms when he’s at his sleepiest. Along with all this growing up, we’ve moved him out of his stroller bassinet and into the seat (fully reclined) and we recently transitioned him out of the bassinet we had in our bedroom and into his crib.

I previously shared my favorite newborn baby products, but with our growing boy have come changing needs, and new must-have products. So I’ve done a round-up of my favorite infant products (the 3 month edition).

1. The Baby Brezza for hassle free feedings

bottle feeding after mastectomy | favorite infant products

Since I had a mastectomy, I’m unable to breastfeed, so Duncan goes through a lot of bottles. We switched to powder formula from liquid concentrate about two months ago and the Baby Brezza Formula Pro makes prepping bottles a breeze. When Duncan wakes up desperate for a bottle, a push of a button has it ready in seconds, so I’m able to get the bottle in his mouth before he’s even opened his eyes.

2. Toys for grabby hands

sophie la giraffe soft lovey | my favorite infant products (the 3 month edition)

In the last several weeks, Duncan has started to grab things. He doesn’t quite have the dexterity to very purposely grab objects yet, but he grabs onto things that happen to collide with his flailing hands. When he’s hanging out in his bouncy chair or out and about in his car seat or stroller, I give him his Sophie the giraffe lovey, to grab onto. He likes to pull on the ends and I’ve attached a wooden teething ring to the pacifier clip. He’s currently much more interested in grabbing his soft toys than the many rubber ones we have.

3. Bibs for drooly babies

bandanna bibs for hip babies | my favorite infant products (the 3 month edition)

Duncan recently started drooling. A lot. Before, we only used bibs while feeding, but now it seems like there’s always a steady stream (or bubble) of drool working its way down Duncan’s chin. To avoid outfit changes, he’s pretty much always sporting a bib now. I recently purchased these hip bandanna bibs that are really thick and absorbent.

4. Shade from the sun

bbluv anti-uv sun tent | my top 5 products for infants (the 3-month edition)

We live close to the beach and I take Duncan for stroller walks along the boardwalk several times per week. When we want to hang out, this compact BBLUV sun tent is perfect to protect him from the sun without having to constantly be chasing the shade. It’s easy enough for me to pack on the stroller and big enough for me to crawl into with him, too.

5. Bath sling for safe bath times

summer bath sling for infants | my fav products for babies (the 3 month edition)

Duncan loves bath time, and there’s nothing more adorable than a sudsy baby spashing away in the tub. We also have a baby tub, but we’ve used this super inexpensive bath sling right from the first bath and it works really well before baby is able to sit up. He likes to have just his head up on sling, safely out of the water, so he can splish and splash. I scoot him up when I’m washing him, so he doesn’t slide around.


For when baby is a bit older, a toy cash register is great educational toy.


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