Travelling with baby: Duncan’s first trip to Kelowna, BC

mom and baby at the lake

Last week we took Duncan on his first flight to visit his grandparents in Kelowna, BC. Mike and I love to travel to Kelowna every summer, and we were excited to share the experience with Duncan. We knew that it would be different now that we were travelling with baby, but it all went quite smoothly and everyone had a great time.

lake okanagan, kelowna BC

We love Kelowna for the beautiful scenery, amazing hiking and great beaches. While we enjoyed all those things on this trip, we didn’t do so as frequently as usual. That was partially due to having the baby, and largely due to smoke from the forest fires. We took advantage of the clear days, and had a wonderful first experience travelling with baby.

mask for baby lol

We were understandably nervous about making the 5 hour flight with a baby, but Duncan was such a great little traveler. We didn’t bring a stroller since Mike’s parents rented a bunch of baby gear for us, so I used my ring sling to carry Duncan through the airport. Although the rings set off the metal detector and I had to remove it to go through security, it worked out really well. It was great to have my hands free to wrangle luggage and documents, and Duncan was nice and comfy and liked looking around at all the people and things in the airport.

baby and ogopogo in kelowna

He didn’t let out a single cry on the flight there, although he became over-tired because he was just so excited with it all that he didn’t want to nap much. He was smiling at everyone the whole time. While airplane diaper changes aren’t ideal, I think Dunc’s favourite part was getting attention from everyone as I carried him down the aisle to the washroom.

family time in kelowna

On the way home, Dunc didn’t want to take his bottle (or soother, or chew toy) on the descent. I think our mistake was feeding him too close to the end of the flight. Without the sucking action, his poor little ears hurt and he cried the whole 20 minutes down and nothing we tried could console him. The moment the wheels touched down, he promptly fell asleep, of course.

hipster baby at the brewery

As I mentioned, Mike’s parents rented baby gear for us in Kelowna, so that we didn’t have to haul everything with us. It was great because we didn’t have to risk having our stroller or car seat damaged during transit. In addition to those items, they rented a crib and mamaroo (which he LOVED!). It wouldn’t have occurred to me that these items would be available for rent, but our friends had mentioned that they rented everything on a recent trip to Florida. So helpful!

kelowna beach baby

While in Kelowna, Duncan was thrilled by his grandparents, and loved all the love and attention. Some highlights were doing a wine tasting while wearing Duncan in the sling, spotting a couple deer while on a stroller hike up Knox Mountain, and dipping Duncan’s toes in Lake Okanagan. Mike and I enjoyed a solo hike and our first date night since baby!

We had a wonderful vacation and are looking forward to future travels with our little guy!

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