Weight loss update (+ My Top 3 Most Effective Habits)

I’ve lost 15 pounds!

Ok, so I lost 5 pounds in one month back in January and then it took me another six months to lose another 10, but whatever, 15 pounds is a lot! I still have a few more pounds to lose before my wedding, but I’m really happy that I’ve made this progress despite the ups and downs (on the scale and emotionally) along the way.

I have been at this very weight, and 10 lbs heavier and 10 lbs lighter and everywhere in between throughout my adult life, but this current super gradual weight loss has been both the easiest and most difficult. It has been easy because I’ve only had to make really minor changes to my diet and exercise and I’ve been able to fully enjoy restaurants and social events and even a couple vacations without having to miss out. It has been difficult because it requires patience, since it’s a whole lot quicker to crash diet down some lbs than to be consistently, but slowly working towards a weight loss goal.

I have to say though, that of all the times I’ve tried to lose weight, this time I’ve been a whole lot less crazy about it. I’ve said before that I don’t believe in relying on willpower to stick to a diet (it just never works for me!). By dieting really slowly, I haven’t had to fight against cravings resulting from mental deprivation or physical/nutritional starvation. “Dieting really slowly” sounds kinda weird, but what I mean is that I’ve been trying to consistently work towards my weight loss goals, while aiming for only a small weekly calorie deficit, and also being ok with some weeks where I end up with no deficit or even a small surplus. If I look at my year so far (which I can do on MyFitnessPal.com), there are so many ups and downs in my calorie intake and my weight, but the overall trend over a long period of time is downward. And that’s the whole point, right?

weight graph

Ok, here’s a run down of my most effective weight loss habits: Continue Reading

Home gym reveal

home gym | home at six

Today I’m excited to share our home gym reveal! Mike and I have been hard at work transforming our old guest bedroom/office into a brand new home gym. We’ve also been busy switching the old gym into a new home office, and it’s looking great, but still a work in progress.

I’ve already worked out in the new gym and it’s so amazing to have all that room to move around.

This room is nearly twice the size of our old gym, so we can both work out in there at the same time and I can even do my Tracy Anderson dance cardio without having to re-arrange the whole living room.

home gym | home at six

We already owned most of the equipment, but it’s so much more functional and organized with this new set up. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

The new pieces are the super heavy duty rubber mats and the weight rack. In our old gym, we had some interlocking rubber mats, which our cat, Josie, had already started to destroy. These weigh 100 lbs each, so we got a workout just moving them in, and we’re going to try our best to keep Josie out of there!

home gym | home at six

Having a home gym means that  I really have no excuse when it comes to working out. Even when I’m feeling pretty lazy, it’s still easy enough to walk on the treadmill while I watch some TV. And now with this even more amazing home gym, I’m really excited to up my workout game even more!

home gym | home at six

Weekly Meal Prep & Wedding Planning Update


This weekend was pretty gross and rainy, so it was perfect for getting in some meal prep. While I don’t do this weekly, when I do it really helps keep me on track with my healthy eating goals. Mike and I worked together and stocked the fridge with pre-portioned chicken (3 oz), sweet potato (150 g) and steamed broccoli and carrots (200 g). We also made a dozen muffin-tin eggs topped with cheese, and a week’s worth of green smoothies. An hour and a half on a cold, rainy day and the week’s meals got a whole lot easier.


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Safe cycling in the city

My cycling commute is often my favourite part of the day. It’s a great way to get a little sunshine into my day when I spend so much of it inside tied to my desk. But it can also be stressful, and frustrating, and often even scary. I know lots of people that are too nervous to ride their bikes in the city, especially during rush hour, and I honestly can’t blame them. Toronto isn’t the most bike-friendly city, and even though about 50% of my commute includes bike paths, they hardly seem to offer any additional safety.

So I’ve compiled my tips for riding safely in the city based on the issues I see most often on my commute!


6 Safe Cycling Tips

1) Slow down. I see so many cyclists that zoom through traffic, but the faster you ride, the faster you’re going to be slamming into that car, door or pedestrian. Slow down to give car drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists a chance to see you. Slow down to give yourself a chance to spot obstacles like streetcar tracks, pot holes and people or pets running out into traffic. I’ll admit I ride my bike really fast on my commute, but once I hit the downtown core, I slow waaay down. There’s so much going on, you really have to watch it!

2) Avoid right-turning vehicles. Wait patiently or carefully pass on the left. Passing on the right of a right-turning vehicle is the #1 stupid thing I see cyclists doing frequently. I’d say the only exception is if you can cross along with a whole group of pedestrians, but even then proceed with caution.

3) You are invisible. Drivers generally aren’t looking for cyclists when they’re looking to make a maneuver like crossing through an intersection or turning into traffic from a side-road, and even though you’re right there in front of them they honestly might just not even register your presence, since they’re looking for other cars (remember that basketball-gorilla experiment?). If possible, try to make eye contact. Even then, don’t assume. This one got me into trouble once. I was waiting to make a left turn onto a main road. A driver slowed way down, and I assumed he was letting me in. Nope. Just as I crossed through, he started to accelerate. I only got tapped, but it was definitely not a good situation. I think he’d actually slowed looking for a street sign and hadn’t seen me at all. Continue Reading