Re-decorating: living room décor inspiration

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As we put the final touches on the bedroom re-do, I’ve started looking for some living room décor inspiration. We spend most of our time in there, so I’m really excited about transforming it. The last of my roommates moved out a few years ago, and long gone are my student days, so it’s time for my living space to reflect that.



As I try to figure out how to grow-up my living room, I’ve been spending time browsing through The Mixing vintage and antique finds in with thriftier, more generic pieces (Hi Ikea!) can help elevate the space. The HighBoy is a fantastic online marketplace for antiques, fine art and a huge selection of furniture. My favourite feature is that you can search the site by style from French Country to Victorian to Mid-Century to whatever pulls at your home décor heart strings. The Weekly, The HighBoy’s editorial journal has gorgeous interiors and some great home style tips.



For the living room, new pieces I’m keeping my eyes out for include an accent chair, narrow console table, lamps, coffee/end tables and a new rug. With those items in mind, I put together an inspiration board with my fav finds from The HighBoy to go along with a couple of our existing pieces (the Ikea couch and gold-framed mirror).


Console table; Arm chair; Table lamps; Wood side table; Decorative boxQing Dynasty jar

Do you like old or new or a mix of the two? What’s your living room style?

Redecorating the bedroom (progress update)

bedroom makeover I mentioned a while ago that since we decided to stay put in our current apartment, we are doing some redecorating to freshen things up. We started with redecorating the bedroom, and while it still needs some finishing touches, it’s almost done! It has definitely come a long way from our dark, cabin-y old room!

We painted the bedroom a very light grey. So light that it’s almost white, but still reads grey with the whiter trim. The wall paint is Benjamin Moore’s Intense White and the trim is Benjamin Moore’s Purest White.

bedroom makeover

We replaced our night stands with Malm dressers from Ikea. The mirrors which still need to be hung up on the wall are also from Ikea. The headboard, lamps and bed skirt are from HomeSense and we picked up the bedding at a local shop. I found the throw pillows at H&M (love their new home section!).

bedroom makeoverWe put up a new white roller blind, but still have grey curtains to hang. Our walls are concrete, so putting anything up is always a big ordeal, since we can’t get through the wall with a regular drill and have to go rent one.

Also still need to figure out artwork. No clue what we should put above the bed. And we need a new rug, too. It’s still a much more peaceful, comfortable space than it was before. It’ll be even more comfortable when we go for a pillow upgrade.

As we put the finishing touches on the bedroom, we’ve already started to tear apart the kitchen. Oh my gosh, we are going to have the biggest yard sale! As I was packing up bins of things we want to get rid of, I was like, “This is crazy! We’re not MOVING…this is all stuff we don’t need!” I’ve been reading the KonMari book, so the urge to purge is strong! 🙂

bedroom makeover bedroom makeover bedroom makeover

Redecorating: Bedroom – BEFORE

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I haven’t posted in ages because I have no idea what I want to blog about. I still have plenty of wedding-related things, but I don’t want to get tooooo boring. I haven’t been feeling creative in the kitchen, and the most crafting I’ve been doing is colouring. I don’t want a whole other month to go by without a blog post, so I’m back with just a little life update.

Lately life has been about two things. Our living situation and IVF. I’ll do an IVF update another time.

I’ve been living in our current apartment for over 6 years now, and Mike moved in 3 years ago, and we’d been itching to move for a while. All last year we were busy with wedding planning, so we figured we’d wait until that was over with before trying to find a new place. We considered buying something for a while, but decided that we weren’t ready to move out of the city yet, and with shacks going for millions now, we ruled that out pretty quickly. But like housing prices, rent in the city is CRAZY!

I looked and looked and since we can’t find anything else that would give us the same space for any less than double our current rent, we’ve decided to stay put for now. It’s not the worst thing in the world since we do love our neighbourhood and we do have more room and storage than most other digs in the city.

To make the best of it, we’ve decided to give our apartment an update. We’re getting on top of some much needed repairs, putting up a fresh coat of paint, and swapping out some of our furniture.

The rooms we’re making changes to now are the kitchen, living room and bedroom. We’re leaving our home gym and Mike’s office alone for now. While we’re kind of trying to tackle it all at once, we’re hoping to have the bedroom done first. Ceiling are being repaired tomorrow and painting is happening this week.

Before Mike moved in, I had the girliest room, so we painted the walls and put up our DIY headboard, but other than that it was just sort of a mash up of things. SO BROWN! We were kind of going for a cabin/cottage vibe, with the paddles on the wall and snowshoes above the bed, but we never really got around to fully executing the look. With my vanity taking most of the room on my side, and Mike’s large dresser on the other, and Josie’s cat tree crammed at the foot of our bed (because that’s her fav spot and we can’t deny her), our room has never been that peaceful retreat we want.


BEFORE: Bye-bye DIY headboard and our weird cabin-y décor (It doesn’t normally look so disastrous…we’d started tearing it apart before it occurred to me to take a ‘before’ photo!)

So Step 1: Get rid of all our things.


BEFORE: My old vanity

I want SIMPLE, SOFT, LIGHT. We picked out paint this weekend and we’re going with the lightest gray…basically off-white, so I hope that brightens the room up. I think I am truly a minimalist at heart, but SUCH a maximalist in practice. I just love all my things and have a hard time not having everything out on display all at once. I’ve been working on this over the last few months and really trying to pare down and de-clutter. Spaces don’t all need to be filled!

josie on her tree

Don’t know if I can kick Josie (and her tree) out of the bedroom b/c isn’t this the cutest thing to wake up to??

Some of my Pinspiration:

bedroom-inspiration-2 bedroom-inspiration

Chairish blogger challenge: From White to Bright

One of my favourite activities is scouring thrift stores and antiques markets for home decor items. I usually don’t have the patience to sort through racks of clothing, but I love the thrill of the find when it comes to home accessories. We’ve purchased probably about 50% of our wedding decor items from thrift stores.

Mike and I love thrifting together, and I have to give him credit for scoring some of our best finds, including a mercury glass candlestick for a couple bucks that I’m totally obsessed with. I have seen similar candlesticks at Pottery Barn for over $30. Don’t you just love things even more when you know you got a great deal? I think I’ll have to share a round up of some of my best thrift scores here on the blog sometime!

Almost all of the furniture in our apartment was bought used, too. Some was bought from Craigslist or Kijiji, some at yard sales and flea markets, and an item or two were carried home late at night from the side of the road. I love finding those hidden gem, quality vintage items.

And that’s why I’ve been loving browsing through! It’s like a virtual catalogue of all the best thrift store finds and none of the junk. connects buyers and sellers of vintage furniture and decor, but because it only features curator-approved items, it’s a design lover’s dream of gorgeous, high quality objets d’art for the home.

I was recently invited to participate in the Chairish blogger challenge and to share my style by designing a room around one of their vintage accent chairs. Since I’d love to start sharing more of my decor and design passion on the blog, I jumped at the opportunity.

Chairish Antique French Yellow and Gilt Chair

My room was inspired by this beautiful antique French wing back chair. I wasn’t sure what direction to go in because I think this chair would work wonderfully in so many different spaces and I could see it in a formal living room, or a baby’s room, or at a big barn-wood table in a country kitchen.

My design approach is generally to just go for what I love and somehow it usually comes together. I love to mix items from different eras and with a variety of materials and textures. But to keep things from getting to crazy, selecting a colour palate can go a long way in bringing cohesion to an eclectic look.

My favourite colour is orange, but it can admittedly be a little tricky to decorate with. In this room, I broke away from neutrals with orange accents. I pulled in bronze elements, which I think ties in well with the orange and adds so much warmth.

white to brightA. Anatolyan pillows, Chairish; B. Distinction Leather Chesterfield, Hickory Leather Company, Chairish; C. Bronze floor lamp; D. Woven lidded basket; E. Ralph Lytle oil painting, Chairish; F. Cowhide rug; G. Antique French Yellow & Gilt Chair, Chairish; H. Mid-Century Etched Brass Coffee Table, Chairish

Find a great selection of accent chairs from here.

Let me know what you think of this look!