Home gym reveal

home gym | home at six

Today I’m excited to share our home gym reveal! Mike and I have been hard at work transforming our old guest bedroom/office into a brand new home gym. We’ve also been busy switching the old gym into a new home office, and it’s looking great, but still a work in progress.

I’ve already worked out in the new gym and it’s so amazing to have all that room to move around.

This room is nearly twice the size of our old gym, so we can both work out in there at the same time and I can even do my Tracy Anderson dance cardio without having to re-arrange the whole living room.

home gym | home at six

We already owned most of the equipment, but it’s so much more functional and organized with this new set up. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

The new pieces are the super heavy duty rubber mats and the weight rack. In our old gym, we had some interlocking rubber mats, which our cat, Josie, had already started to destroy. These weigh 100 lbs each, so we got a workout just moving them in, and we’re going to try our best to keep Josie out of there!

home gym | home at six

Having a home gym means that  I really have no excuse when it comes to working out. Even when I’m feeling pretty lazy, it’s still easy enough to walk on the treadmill while I watch some TV. And now with this even more amazing home gym, I’m really excited to up my workout game even more!

home gym | home at six

Mason Jar Gifts – DIY

mason jar gifts

My cupboards are overflowing with mason jars. My mason jar hoarding drives Mike completely crazy, but they’re just so useful. Each week, I stock my freezer with 6 to 8 mason jars full of my Green Glowing Smoothie, but I also use them to store leftovers and pantry items. They’re also great for making easy mason jar gifts.

For crafting, I especially love the pint-sized mason jar mugs, but any mason jar will work. I like to try to get all of my mason jars for under a dollar each, and have found lots at second hand stores, so each of these mason jar gifts works out to just a few bucks a pop.

A few coats of glass paint (I use this kind) is all it takes to transform those mason jars into inexpensive, personalized gifts.

                         gold painted mason jarwhite mason jar

A little paint and a light sanding for rustic mason jars for vases and organized desks. Click here to find the top rated orbital sander.

painted mason jars

A few coats of chalkboard paint give this mason jar mug a modern look.


Mason jars are also perfect for poured candles.

mason jar hot chocolate & baileys

And hot chocolate.

DIY rope planter

DIY rope planter

After spending the last few weekends out of town, we spent some time this weekend knocking some items of the to-do list. While most of our time was spent cleaning out closets and organizing bins, we also took time to do some fun projects like sprucing up our balcony/fire escape and building a big cat tree for Josie.

I also made this rope planter that has a bit of a nautical vibe. I saw a vase like this in a store window while we were in Boston and thought it was cute, but definitely overpriced and so easy to make. Although I’m always finding myself saying “oh, I could make that”, once in a while, I actually do it. And some of the time it even ends up looking how it was meant to!

rope planternautical-inspired rope planter


  • vase or other canister
  • rope (I used approx. 8 feet)
  • white spray paint
  • white duct tape
  • hot glue gun

Directions: Tightly wrap the vase to determine the exact length of rope you’ll need. Cut and use duct tape to secure ends to prevent fraying. Spray paint rope and allow to dry. I only did one coat because I liked how the natural rope poked through, but go with additional coats for solid coverage. Wrap vase, gluing as you go.

diy rope vase project

Painted paddle home decor project

It has been nearly a year since my roommates moved out, and my boyfriend moved in. Our apartment has been completely transformed in that time and it feels like an entirely different space. We painted over the butter yellow walls that are standard issue in rental apartments, brought in new furniture, artwork and plants and really made it a home. Our living room, which was completely under-utilized when I had roommates, is now my favourite cozy space. What felt tiny, dark and cramped before now houses an oversized couch and big comfy chair, and where we didn’t have a dining table before, we hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for five and a gingerbread house decorating party for six. On cold winter nights, with a few candles burning, I’d curl up on the couch with my faux-fur blanket and mug of salted caramel hot chocolate, and there was no place I’d rather be. Now that it’s summer, my boyfriend and I enjoy spending a few minutes together before we both head off to work, enjoying our coffees as the bright sunshine streams in.

Painted paddle craft for home decor

We also turned my former roommate’s room into our new bedroom, with a rustic cabin vibe. We both love cottage life, and wanted to bring some of that into our city apartment. During a few trips up through Northern Ontario, we picked up some great accessories from antique shops and trading posts, including an amazing pair of snowshoes we hung up over our bed all winter. During one of those stops, we came across some paddles among the crazy clutter in a dark barn, and I immediately knew that I needed to have them. Once I got them home though, I realized that along with the snowshoes above our bed, miniature canoe accessories, moose-print throw, and birch bark candles, our room was starting to look a little more cabin-kitch than cabin-chic. After leaving them in the closet for a few weeks, I thought that maybe if I gave the paddles a modern paint job, it might elevate the look. My initial instinct was to paint them gold, of course (I love all things gold), but my boyfriend wasn’t a big fan. So, after some pinterest-ing, I came upon a few designs that we both agreed on.

Using painter’s tape and Dollar Store paints, I knocked the first one out in under an hour, including time for the paint to dry between coats.

painted paddles for home decor

The second paddle, however, didn’t go as smoothly. Well, actually, the problem was that the paddle was too smooth with a varnished finish, so the paint just wouldn’t stick! I washed off the paint, and since we didn’t have any sandpaper on hand, decided to hang them both on the wall with good intentions to paint the second paddle once I had a chance to sand it. I never did get back to that, but I decided that I like how it looks anyway.

What do you think?

Can’t wait to share more of my home decor projects soon!