Saying ‘I do’: NYE wedding invitation reveal

New Year's Eve wedding invitations

Last week I shared the outside of our DIY wedding envelopes, and today I’m going to show you what we had inside.

Now that wedding invitations have been sent out, and RSVPs are starting to trickle in, I wanted to share our NYE wedding invitation design on the blog.

As I mentioned before, I designed our wedding invitations using I was really happy with the quality and value, but most of all I loved how simple the website was to use to create a customized design that was perfect for our New Year’s Eve wedding.

I ordered the return address stickers from, too, to match the invitations, and put those on the back flaps of the envelopes. I didn’t use them to seal the envelopes with the glue because I figured they’d get torn when opened. Instead, I sealed the envelopes with a piece of glitter tape, which I think gave them a fun look. The more sparkle,the better, I think!

New Year's Eve wedding invitations mixbook.comDIY New Year's Eve wedding invitations

Once opened, invitees were greeted with my DIY envelope liner, which I made using a gold polka dot gift wrap that I picked up at Michael’s [similar here].

New Year's Eve wedding invitations

I went for a flat card-style invitation, since it’s a less expensive options. I had the idea early on to try to make one side of the invitation be something that people wouldn’t hate having up on their fridges or pinned to a bulletin board until our wedding. To go along with the New Year’s theme, I designed a glittery gold image that says, “Cheers”.

Along with the gold polka dot envelope liner and the stripes and glittery dots on the invitation, I think it all looks a bit Kate Spade-inspired, don’t you? Continue Reading

Saying ‘I do’: DIY wedding envelopes

DIY wedding envelopes | Home at Six

As I shared previously, I decided to DIY my wedding envelopes by printing directly on the envelopes with my home printer. Now that they’ve been sent off, I’d love to share my DIY wedding envelopes with you!

I found the perfect free calligraphy font on Cursive OptionI wanted something that looked handwritten, but would be legible enough to ensure my invitations wouldn’t get lost in the mail.

The perfect calligraphy font for DIY wedding envelopes

I showed my sister a finished envelope and she looked at it closely before asking, “Is this handwritten?”

Mission accomplished, I’d say! I love that it’s pretty, but not too perfect. I think it has some character and will definitely stand out amongst the other mail in my guests’ mailboxes.

Calligraphy font for wedding invitations (envelope DIY)

There are so many fun ways to dress up wedding invitations and envelopes to add a little personality. I decided to keep things pretty simple, but for an added personal touch, I designed a stamp with our names and “Cheers” to tie in the New Year’s Eve theme. I’d ordered return address labels to match the invitations, and stuck those on the back flap.

DIY wedding envelope liners were an extra fun added detail. I’ll share my DIY wedding envelope liner how-to soon!

I love how they turned out and I hope my guests love them, too!

Download the perfect free calligraphy font - Cursive Option (

What do you think? Would this ‘handwritten’ font fool you, too?

TIP: To make your faux-handwritten font look even more convincing, print it in a very dark grey instead of pure black.

Saying ‘I do’: The perfect font for wedding envelopes



As our New Year’s Eve wedding rapidly approaches, I’m preparing to send out our invitations at the end of the month.

I previously shared the e-Save-the-Date cards that we sent out, and I recently posted about how I used to design our wedding invitations. I’m really happy with how they turned out, but I won’t share them on the blog until they’ve been sent out to my guests, since I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Apparently using address labels on wedding envelopes is an etiquette faux pas. Wouldn’t want our guests opening their mailbox to a labeled envelope *gasp*! Ok, so I’m not at all fussed about etiquette rules, and couples are using such gorgeous approaches to labels that I think we can toss that old rule. There’s no reason labels need to have your invitation looking like junk mail.



Calligraphy is still the top traditional choice, but although I was a member of Mrs. Johnson’s after-school calligraphy club in the 6th grade, I wasn’t prepared to tackle that myself.  And hiring a calligrapher certainly wasn’t in the budget. We’re not that fancy! Continue Reading

Homemade Chai Latte Mix

chai latte recipe

We’re really into the holiday season now! Days are short, but nights are long and busy with shopping, visiting, making, cooking, baking, eating, drinking.

I had bought these little bottles for something a few months ago, but didn’t end up using them, so I filled them up with a delicious homemade Chai Latte mix for gift add-ons.


I used this Chai Latte mix recipe from Show Me the Yummy. Simply grind, assemble and stir.

I think this is wonderfully creamy made with water. But use milk or add a splash of booze for a sweet and perfectly spicy Chai Latte.

Download my labels by clicking HERE.

chai latte recipe

chai latte recipe