Snap a #selfie: A plugged in wedding (& a printable to share your Instagram wedding hashtag!)

Plugged in wedding! Share your wedding #hashtagPlugged in wedding! Share your wedding #hashtag

I love sharing moments on instagram (follow me!), so an unplugged wedding definitely wasn’t my style. In fact, I wanted to encourage our wedding guests to snap and share as much as possible! Even with our two photographers running around, I knew our guests would capture some special moments.

Our venue had several TV monitors, so we livestreamed our Instagram wedding hashtag all night. Any pictures uploaded to social media with our #hashtag would appear up on the TVs moments later.

printable instagram signs to get your wedding guests hashtagging your #wedding

We used a livestreaming platform called A couple weeks before the wedding, we pre-loaded a whole bunch of photos and tagged them with our Instagram wedding hashtag, so that it served as a slideshow at the same time. We had a mix of childhood photos, photos of the two of us, and photos with our friends and family. Then as our guests uploaded their photos with out wedding #hashtag, those photos were added to the livestream.

Our guests used our Instagram wedding hashtag to shareselfies, photos of us, little details from food to decor and even a video of our first dance! After the wedding, the website made it easy to download everything that had been shared with our Instagram wedding hashtag. It was really fun to look back on all the photos our guests shared, and to see how much fun they had at our wedding.

Make sure to snap a wedding selfie

encourage wedding guests to share their photos on instagram with a wedding hashtag!

encourage wedding guests to share their photos on instagram with a wedding hashtag!

Get plugged in

  • Choose a unique Instagram wedding hashtag, so that you don’t find other people’s photos in the mix. Make sure to do a search before your share!
  • Keep your hashtag simple and avoid easily misspelled words.
  • Make sure your hashtag doesn’t contain any spaces or symbols or it won’t work.
  • If you’re pre-loading your Instagram wedding hashtag like we did, create a separate Instagram account so that you don’t flood your followers’ feeds with your childhood photos.
  • #Hashtag those special moments leading up to the wedding, too, including getting ready that morning (but don’t give too much away!)
  • Have a designated Instagrammer. As the bride, I didn’t want to be on my phone all night, so I asked my sister to snap away.

encourage wedding guests to share their photos on instagram with a wedding hashtag!

Share your #hashtag

To encourage our guests to share their photos on social media, I created little signs for each guest table.

I’d love to share them with you, too! You’ll just have to fill in your own wedding #hashtag, print on card stock, cut, and fold! Print as many as you like and place them on seats for the ceremony, up on the bar, or on each guest table at the reception, like I did.

Click here to download: Wedding Instagram Signs

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