Last-Minute Grocery Store Gifts: Holiday Gift Guide

Ok, so you had the very best of intentions to get all your Christmas shopping done weeks ago, but now there are only a few days until Christmas and you’re still a few gifts short. Don’t even worry. There’s no need to brave the madness at the mall. Instead, pick up some easy grocery store gifts. Wrap them up in a pretty basket (or draw a Christmas tree on that brown paper shopping bag and tie it up with a big red ribbon) and you’ll pull it off like you totally intended to shop for your gifts in the produce section.

A cozy night in, for two:
soft cheeses and cured meats
crusty French bread
strawberries and chocolate sauce
a bottle of red

Me-time for a best friend:
chocolate-covered almonds
peppermint tea
nail polish for holiday parties
a scented candle
her favourite trashy magazine

For the kids:
gingerbread house kit
hot cocoa mix
a holiday colouring book

For a friend newly out on his own:
a cutting board
cooking utensils
holiday dish cloths
a rack of spice essentials
plants for a bright kitchen

Italian pasta dinner:
a box of noodles
pasta sauce
a hunk of Parmesan
braided garlic
a bottle of red

Time for tea:
a pretty box of tea
lemon-infused sugar cubes
short-bread cookies
holiday tea towels

For easy Christmas baking:
holiday ovenmitt
a roll of cookie dough
a tub of icing
red and green sprinkles

Fancy ingredients for your favourite gourmand:
black-truffle sea salt
vanilla beans in a glass jar
dried mushrooms
specialty butters
infused vinegars
sweet and savory olive oils

For friends that party:
rimming salt for Caesars
rimming sugar for Martinis
olives in a jar
a tray of nuts
a bottle of booze


Do you have any great grocery store gift ideas?

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Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

homemade salted caramel hot chocolate

I recently shared the Homemade Chai Latte mix that I’m gifting this year, and today I have another holiday drink mix for you. The Salted Caramel Mocha is my favourite seasonal indulgence from Starbucks, and now I can enjoy it at home for a fraction of the cost. I have been enjoying a hot mug of this Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate nearly every evening. It’s so smooth and creamy with just the right hit of salt and caramel.

salted caramel hot chocolate recipe

I used this recipe from Seeded at the Table, and it was really easy. I made the caramel, let it harden overnight and stuck it in the freezer for a couple hours before breaking it up and pulverizing in the food processor. I read that some people ran into issues with the caramel warming up and getting sticky, so I froze it first to ensure that I’d end up with a nice dry powder. It worked out perfectly. I like to use 2 tablespoons of the mix (instead of 3)  in a big mug of hot water (instead of a cup of milk) for a wonderfully rich, but not overly sweet or salty drink.

Along with the Homemade Chai Latte mix, this Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate would make a great Christmas gift, especially done up in a mason jar along with marshmallows and a little bottle of Baileys!

salted caramel hot chocolate recipe

Homemade Chai Latte Mix

chai latte recipe

We’re really into the holiday season now! Days are short, but nights are long and busy with shopping, visiting, making, cooking, baking, eating, drinking.

I had bought these little bottles for something a few months ago, but didn’t end up using them, so I filled them up with a delicious homemade Chai Latte mix for gift add-ons.


I used this Chai Latte mix recipe from Show Me the Yummy. Simply grind, assemble and stir.

I think this is wonderfully creamy made with water. But use milk or add a splash of booze for a sweet and perfectly spicy Chai Latte.

Download my labels by clicking HERE.

chai latte recipe

chai latte recipe

A great tip to choose the right gift

Image from

While Christmas shopping recently, my sister gave me the best tip for coming up with personal gift ideas. She suggests choosing a gift for the person he/she wants to be.

Rather than just trying to think of an item that your friend would like, try to start by thinking about who they are trying to or would like to be. Then choose a gift that supports that vision of themselves. Especially as we head into a new year, I thought it was such a brilliant way to approach gift giving!

How do you choose the right gift?