Do’s and Don’ts: Bridal Party Thank You Gifts

Your girls are there for you for all the excitement, stress and planning leading up to your wedding, and you might have gone a little Bridezilla on them a time or two.

A thoughtful gift can is a nice way to communicate your gratitude for their participation in the wedding, so consider these Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to shopping for your bridal party Thank You gifts!

Do's and Don't for Bridesmaids Gifts[DIY beauty box]

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Do’s and Don’ts: Bridal Party Thank You Gifts

DON’T gift your bridal party anything that is emblazoned with your wedding details. No one wants to carry around a tote with your wedding monogram, and no one needs a beer koozie with your wedding date.

DON’T gift something they will only use for the wedding day. That robe embroidered with “Bridesmaid” will look really cute in your getting-ready photos, but it’s not very meaningful as a gift if they can’t get any use of it after.

Along those same lines, if you choose to pay for your bridesmaid’s dresses, nails, hair or makeup, that is lovely but that is not a gift. If you want them to look a particular way for your wedding, that is for you, not them.

I did include the jewelry for my bridesmaids in their gifts, but I also added in a piece that wasn’t for the wedding day, and I hope the jewelry is something that they like and will wear after the wedding, too.

I couldn't tie the knot without you bridesmaid gift[Bridesmaid earrings]

DON’T go overboard. Elaborate gifts aren’t necessary. Your bridal party might have shelled out a ton of cash related to your wedding, included expenses associated with showers, bachelorette parties, clothing, transportation and hotels, and that’s something to be mindful of. But your gift is not meant to pay them back for their involvement. Your gift is meant to say Thank You and to communicate your genuine gratitude.

DO consider your budget. When planning your wedding budget, make sure to include a budget line for bridal party Thank You gifts. Set a budget that makes sense within your overall wedding budget, and stick to it. Gifts valued at $50 to $150 will generally be appropriate. (On a tight budget? These gifts are under $40!)

DO consider your circle. If your friend recently gifted beach towels, your gift of Tiffany bangles might make them feel bad, and that’s the last thing you want to do with a Thank You gift.

bridesmaid gifts name bracelets[Personalized name bracelets]

DO consider what will mean most to your bridesmaids. I wrote above that paying for your girls’ dresses isn’t a gift, since it’s for your wedding. But for a cash-strapped bridesmaid, covering that expense might be more meaningful than whatever little tchotchke you’d give them. The last thing you want is your girl to open her personalized, leather-bound day planner, and think, “ok, that’s nice, but I would rather have cash back in my pocket!” If you decide to go that route, I think it’s totally fine to then give a small gift like a bottle of wine and a sincere Thank You card.

DO consider individualized gifts. One idea is to buy Thank You gifts as if you were buying birthday gifts, and tailor the gifts to suit each persons likes. While no one wants a tote with your name on it, gifts with their monograms are super cute. Initial necklaces are one of my fav gift go-to’s (like this in yellow gold).

DO consider the gift wrap. Even if you didn’t come up with the world’s greatest bridal party Thank You gift, you can still make it look super fun by packaging it creatively. Not very creative? Just write their names on simple paper bags using a metallic sharpie!

diy bridesmaids gift bags

DO include a Thank You card. Thank your bridesmaids and be specific. Did one of your girls go above and beyond in helping to plan your bachelorette party? Was she up all night addressing envelopes? Put it in a card.

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Have you given or received any great bridesmaid gifts? Share your ideas in the comments!