Saying ‘I do’: Wearing a veil – yes or no?

World's longest veil

Would (did) you wear a veil on your wedding day?

There’s a reason that¬†they always jack a bride up with a veil on Say Yes to the Dress. If the white gown doesn’t do the trick, then the veil definitely screams bride.

Like wedding bands, wearing a veil is something I vaguely knew I’d consider during my wedding planning, but it certainly wasn’t anything I had any very defined opinions on. At some point during my wedding dress shopping, I decided that I was going to wear one. There’s just something about wearing a veil that really pulled the look together for me. Once that was decided, I realized that it wasn’t as easy as that, since there are countless styles to choose from!

Who knew that sticking a piece of tulle on my head could get so complicated?

Veil styles.

There are a few consideration when it comes to choosing the right veil; length, number of tiers and embellishments are among those choices.

One tier or two? Short or long? Lace or rhinestones?

One of my favourite looks is a simple, raw edge fingertip veil.

Fingertip veil

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