Chairish blogger challenge: From White to Bright

One of my favourite activities is scouring thrift stores and antiques markets for home decor items. I usually don’t have the patience to sort through racks of clothing, but I love the thrill of the find when it comes to home accessories. We’ve purchased probably about 50% of our wedding decor items from thrift stores.

Mike and I love thrifting together, and I have to give him credit for scoring some of our best finds, including a mercury glass candlestick for a couple bucks that I’m totally obsessed with. I have seen similar candlesticks at Pottery Barn for over $30. Don’t you just love things even more when you know you got a great deal? I think I’ll have to share a round up of some of my best thrift scores here on the blog sometime!

Almost all of the furniture in our apartment was bought used, too. Some was bought from Craigslist or Kijiji, some at yard sales and flea markets, and an item or two were carried home late at night from the side of the road. I love finding those hidden gem, quality vintage items.

And that’s why I’ve been loving browsing through! It’s like a virtual catalogue of all the best thrift store finds and none of the junk. connects buyers and sellers of vintage furniture and decor, but because it only features curator-approved items, it’s a design lover’s dream of gorgeous, high quality objets d’art for the home.

I was recently invited to participate in the Chairish blogger challenge and to share my style by designing a room around one of their vintage accent chairs. Since I’d love to start sharing more of my decor and design passion on the blog, I jumped at the opportunity.

Chairish Antique French Yellow and Gilt Chair

My room was inspired by this beautiful antique French wing back chair. I wasn’t sure what direction to go in because I think this chair would work wonderfully in so many different spaces and I could see it in a formal living room, or a baby’s room, or at a big barn-wood table in a country kitchen.

My design approach is generally to just go for what I love and somehow it usually comes together. I love to mix items from different eras and with a variety of materials and textures. But to keep things from getting to crazy, selecting a colour palate can go a long way in bringing cohesion to an eclectic look.

My favourite colour is orange, but it can admittedly be a little tricky to decorate with. In this room, I broke away from neutrals with orange accents. I pulled in bronze elements, which I think ties in well with the orange and adds so much warmth.

white to brightA. Anatolyan pillows, Chairish; B. Distinction Leather Chesterfield, Hickory Leather Company, Chairish; C. Bronze floor lamp; D. Woven lidded basket; E. Ralph Lytle oil painting, Chairish; F. Cowhide rug; G. Antique French Yellow & Gilt Chair, Chairish; H. Mid-Century Etched Brass Coffee Table, Chairish

Find a great selection of accent chairs from here.

Let me know what you think of this look!

Saying ‘I do': Bridal nail polish


When I find myself getting overwhelmed by major wedding details, I like to focus on the fun little ones that don’t require frustrating interactions with vendors or big budget decisions.

Now that I’ve decided on my wedding hair and make up, I’ve been considering my bridal nail polish options.

I have a huge collection of nail polish from a time when I was moderately obsessed. Ok, like, at least 100 bottles sort of obsessed. I’d change the colour multiple times per week and painting coat upon coat was my favourite way to wind down in the evenings. Now, to keep my nails healthier (and because I have better things to do with my time!), I go without as often as I go with. But I still have lots of love for a beautiful nail.

Nails are important for the big day, since you know you’re going to want a nice shot of the new ring, right? I love the idea of having a bit of fun with some glitzy nail art for our New Year’s Eve wedding, but a classic nail is appealing, too. Nails are somewhere that a bride can really convey her personality and maybe have a little cheeky fun.

I’m not sure what look I’m going to go for on our wedding day, but let me just put it out there that I went with white palm trees airbrushed onto my French mani for my high school prom. Yep.

Here are some of my favourite bridal nail polish options that would look great for a New Year’s Eve wedding!

Really digging this chunky glitter.glitter winter wedding nails[source]

Or a more subtle glitter nails - wedding manicure[source]

A modern take on the classic French mani.modern french manicure nude ombre nails --- wedding nails[source]

Chrome for a bold metallic nail polish

Your something blue. Continue Reading

Saying ‘I do': New Year’s Eve Wedding Table Numbers

Now that the wedding is only a few weeks away, I’ve been in overdrive trying to wrap up my wedding DIY projects. Crafting is very therapeutic, so it’s definitely helping with the stress of the rapid approach of the big day.

This weekend, with the help of a friend, I ticked off a few items. Labels for guest favours – check! Aisle decor – check! Banner for sweets table – check! Cake topper – check! To see some of my wedding DIY projects as they happen, follow me on Instagram!

One wedding DIY that I actually got out of the way pretty early on was our wedding reception table numbers. It was a simple project, but I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Before I get to sharing my DIY table numbers here on the blog, I wanted to share some of my favourite inspiration from around the web for New Year’s Eve wedding table numbers.

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, sequins, are always a good idea.sequins table numbers[source] Continue Reading

Saying ‘I do': NYE wedding invitation reveal

NYE wedding invitation suite

Last week I shared the outside of our DIY wedding envelopes, and today I’m going to show you what we had inside.

Now that wedding invitations have been sent out, and RSVPs are starting to trickle in, I wanted to share our NYE wedding invitation design on the blog.

As I mentioned before, I designed our wedding invitations using I was really happy with the quality and value, but most of all I loved how simple the website was to use to create a customized design that was perfect for our New Year’s Eve wedding.

New Year's Eve wedding invitations

I ordered the return address stickers from, too, to match the invitations, and put those on the back flaps of the envelopes. I didn’t use them to seal the envelopes because I figured they’d get torn when opened. Instead, I sealed the envelopes with a piece of glitter tape, which I think gave them a fun look. The more sparkle, the better, I think!

Once opened, invitees were greeted with my DIY envelope liner, which I made using a gold polka dot gift wrap that I picked up at Michael’s [similar here].

wedding invitations

I went for a flat card-style invitation, since it’s a less expensive options. I had the idea early on to try to make one side of the invitation be something that people wouldn’t hate having up on their fridges or pinned to a bulletin board until our wedding. To go along with the New Year’s theme, I designed a glittery gold image that says, “Cheers”.

Along with the gold polka dot envelope liner and the stripes and glittery dots on the invitation, I think it all looks a bit Kate Spade-inspired, don’t you? Continue Reading

Saying ‘I do': The most gorgeous ketubahs


Traditionally, a Ketubah served as a legally binding marriage contract for Jewish couples. It was basically a one-sided pre-nup that outlined the rights of the wife, and the requirements of the groom.

It is a statement of law that provides the framework of love. –

Historically, these Ketubahs made a lot of sense. They offered women legal protection in their marriages in an otherwise largely patriarchal and sexist society.

Nowadays, many couples prefer a more equal approach to marriage and Ketubahs have become mostly symbolic works of art that represent love and commitment instead of legal responsibilities.

groom cringes at ketubah

Today, many couples choose to replace the traditional Aramaic text with modern marriage vows written in Hebrew or English, or both and the artistry has been taken to a whole new level.

While I was hoping to keep things old-school and have Mike sign a contract that’d he’d always take out the trash and I’d always get the pick for movie night, we instead agreed on a more egalitarian text:

Here in the presence of our family and friends, we make a vow to honor and cherish one another for all of our days. Joyfully we shall journey through life, always remembering this moment and this promise of love and commitment. Today we venture forth, knowing that our union strengthens and elevates us, and we will be more compassionate and better people for it. We bring to this union our own unique qualities and dreams and will strive to flourish as individuals, as we integrate our hopes and aspirations as a couple. Together we will build a home based on our faith, traditions and values. May our home be filled with blessing, generosity, laughter and song. 

I’ll share our own Ketubah design later on, but meanwhile, here are some gorgeous Ketubahs from around the web.

An elegant and intricate design:

elegant ketubah


A colourful, traditional Ketubah:

traditional ketubah

[source] Continue Reading

Saying ‘I do': DIY wedding envelopes

DIY wedding envelopes | Home at Six

As I shared previously, I decided to DIY my wedding envelopes by printing directly on the envelopes with my home printer. Now that they’ve been sent off, I’d love to share my DIY wedding envelopes with you!

I found the perfect free calligraphy font on Cursive OptionI wanted something that looked handwritten, but would be legible enough to ensure my invitations wouldn’t get lost in the mail.

The perfect calligraphy font for DIY wedding envelopes

I showed my sister a finished envelope and she looked at it closely before asking, “Is this handwritten?”

Mission accomplished, I’d say! I love that it’s pretty, but not too perfect. I think it has some character and will definitely stand out amongst the other mail in my guests’ mailboxes.

Calligraphy font for wedding invitations (envelope DIY)

There are so many fun ways to dress up wedding invitations and envelopes to add a little personality. I decided to keep things pretty simple, but for an added personal touch, I designed a stamp with our names and “Cheers” to tie in the New Year’s Eve theme. I’d ordered return address labels to match the invitations, and stuck those on the back flap.

DIY wedding envelope liners were an extra fun added detail. I’ll share my DIY wedding envelope liner how-to soon!

I love how they turned out and I hope my guests love them, too!

Download the perfect free calligraphy font - Cursive Option (

What do you think? Would this ‘handwritten’ font fool you, too?

TIP: To make your faux-handwritten font look even more convincing, print it in a very dark grey instead of pure black.

Fall Harvest Salad with Maple Dijon Vinaigrette

sweet potato brussel sprout salad

I haven’t been posting many recipes lately, since with only 2 months to go, I’ve definitely got wedding on the brain (and blog), but this Fall Harvest Salad is too good not to share! This hearty salad is packed full of my favourite fall flavours.

Roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes combine with walnuts, blue cheese, and dried cranberries is this wonderfully delicious arugula salad.

Your guests will love this as a starter at Thanksgiving dinner.

The brussel sprouts are definitely the star of the show: coated in maple syrup which caramelizes when roasted, with crispy leaves on the outside and warm and tender on the inside.

An extra dose of maple syrup tops this hearty Fall Harvest Salad with a simple Maple-Dijon dressing.

thanksgiving dinner salad

Fall Harvest Salad
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A hearty fall salad topped with roasted brussel sprouts, walnuts and blue cheese, served with a sweet Maple Dijon vinaigrette.
Serves: 6-8
  • 12 cups arugula
  • 1 lb brussel sprouts, trimmed and halved
  • 2 sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped into 1" cubes
  • ½ cup olive oil, divided
  • ¼ cup maple syrup
  • sea salt and pepper
  • ½ cup blue cheese, crumbled
  • ½ cup walnuts, chopped
  • ½ cup dried cranberries
  • Maple Dijon dressing: In a jar, combine ¾ cup olive oil, ¼ cup red wine vinegar, 3 tbs Dijon mustard, ¼ cup maple syrup and a dash of salt and pepper. Shake to combine.
  1. Preheat oven to 400F
  2. In a large bowl or Ziploc back, combine trimmed and halved brussel sprouts with ¼ cup of oil, maple syrup, ½ tsp salt and ¼ tsp black pepper and toss until coated
  3. Spread in a single layer on a baking sheet
  4. Roast at 400F for 35-40 minutes until fork tender, flipping halfway
  5. Follow the same steps for the sweet potato, except no maple syrup
  6. Roast at 400F for 20-25 minutes until fork tender, flipping halfway
  7. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, assemble remaining salad ingredients
  8. Allow roasted vegetables to cool slightly to avoid wilting arugula, but best served warm
  9. Drizzle with Maple Dijon dressing and enjoy!

harvest dinner salad

Saying ‘I do’ to the Hairdo

wedding updo

This weekend I had my wedding hair trial with Monica from MonStyleFile. I’d sent Monica a few inspiration pictures, including this one, and I think she totally nailed the look I wanted!

My biggest priority was choosing a style that would hold up. We’re doing our photos before the ceremony, so I wanted to make sure that my hairdo would hold up for hours. Although I usually prefer to wear my hair down, I think that an updo will hold up a lot better. The last thing I want is my curls falling limp before I even walk down the aisle.

wedding hair trial

I really liked the low side bun that I’d worn for our downtown photo shoot a few months ago, and although I considered a lot of other styles, I decided that I was going to stick with a similar look for our wedding day. I think a braided side bun is such a pretty and romantic bridal look. I think it will look perfect with a veil, too.

This wasn’t at all planned, but I ended up putting my hairdo through the biggest pressure test ever. Right after getting my hair done, I attended my friend’s birthday party where we played an hour of BUBBLE SOCCER!

Don’t know what bubble soccer is? Watch this:

Yes, after being bounced around in a giant inflatable bubble, my hair actually still looked great!

bubble soccer toronto

The braid, tons of hairspray and 79 bobby pins (yes, I counted!) definitely did the trick! I think that if my hairdo could withstand a game of bubble soccer, it should be looking pretty good all night at our wedding.

wedding hair trial updo

Saying ‘I do': Building a wedding website

wedding website

Yesterday I popped our wedding invitations into the mail, so I made sure to put the finishing touches on our wedding website. On our wedding invitation, we’re asking people to RSVP via our wedding website. Everyone seemed to like our e-Save-the-Dates, so I’m hoping that our e-RSVP approach goes over well, too.

We built our wedding website with, and they make it really simple to create a personalized wedding website that communicates whatever you want to your guests and complements your wedding theme. After selecting your site URL and choosing from among more than 80 ready-made templates, you can add and remove pages and sections, edit headings, and images like photos and maps.

You might have privacy concerns about putting your wedding details on the internet, but allows you to make your website viewable only to people who enter a specified password. Along with the website URL, we included this PIN on the wedding invitations, so only our guests will be able to visit our wedding website. No risk of wedding crashers!

I searched the templates to find one that matched our wedding theme. The ‘Pop, Fizz, Clink’ header, blush background and gold accents suited our New Year’s Eve wedding theme perfectly.

For our wedding website, the sections I created included rsvp, parking and accommodation, about the couple, photos, and contact.

wedding website rsvp

Not only can guests RSVP via the website, they’re also asked to select their dinner option. When I need to pass this info on to the caterer, allows me to easily generate a list of my guests and their dinner selections.

While our main purpose of setting up a wedding website is to collect RSVP’s, we also took the opportunity to share other useful information with our guests. On our wedding website, we are able to provide details that we wouldn’t have been able to fit on the invitation.proposal story for wedding website

In the about the couple section, I included a little bit of info about each of us for guests on either side that might not know one of us very well, and our proposal story including a picture from the moment Mike popped the question.

I also used the website to share a few albums that include our engagement photos, pictures from trips we took together and some pictures with our friends and families.

Some sections to include on a wedding website might include:

  • detailed directions and maps
  • a program outlining the day’s events
  • introduce the bridal party with photos and details about the relationship with the couple
  • how the couple met
  • (fun) facts about the bride and groom
  • the proposal story
  • engagement photos
  • fun things to do in the area for out-of-town guests
  • contact information/mailing address
  • your wedding #hashtag
  • other helpful details that can help make your wedding more comfortable for your guests:
    • is the ceremony or reception outside? let your guests know so they can bring sunglasses, or a jacket
    • will guests be walking on sand or grass? if you let them know, ladies can consider their footwear options
  • sensitive information your guests might wonder about but won’t want to ask:
    • gift or honeymoon registry information and links
    • is it an open bar or cash?
    • dress code – although a dress code should never be mandatory, giving your guests an indication of the formality can help avoid the awkwardness of being very over or under dressed

What do you think would be helpful to find on a wedding website? 

Saying ‘I do': Gold envelope liners

If the outside of your wedding envelope makes the first impression of your wedding theme, then it’s the envelope liner that makes the second. An envelope liner is such a fun detail to add to wedding envelopes. Envelope liners are a little like the lining of a purse or blazer. They aren’t the first thing you notice, but when you do, they become your favourite part.

How elegant are these gold envelope liners? Perfect for a New Year’s Eve wedding, don’t you think?

gold envelope liners[source]

gold wedding liners[source]

diy gold envelope liner[source]

wedding envelope liner[source]

diy wedding envelope liner[source]

More on saying ‘I do':

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