Two new things

Oh, Hello there my poor little neglected blog! Time for an update, isn’t it?

Life lately has been revolving around one little boy and two pieces of exciting news.

Firstly, baby #2 is cooking and on his way to join the family this fall.

Our official due date is October 15th, but based on my last pregnancy, my OB has suggested we might be looking at again inducing a couple weeks early. Compared to my pregnancy with Duncan, this one has been easy-peasy. No morning sickness, just a lot of fatigue in the first trimester, and otherwise happily uneventful. I had awful morning sickness with my pregnancy with Duncan, plus a month of bed rest thrown in halfway, so I worried about how I’d manage caring for a toddler while going through this pregnancy, so I am SO grateful that all has gone well so far.

The concern now is if I get preeclampsia again, but there’s nothing much to do but wait and see. I’m taking baby Asprin and calcium, since apparently that might help a little, and I had an extra ultrasound recently to check the placenta. Now that I’m well into the second trimester, my energy is back to normal (generally ok with a dose of toddler-induced fatigue) and I’m feeling pretty good overall. Duncan keeps us so busy that we already haven’t been giving this second lil bub the same attention. No weekly bump pictures, that’s for sure. But that’s ok. We’ve been feeling pretty relaxed about it all, which I think is a good thing, since once the new baby is here, I’m sure we won’t be doing much relaxing.

The second piece of exciting news is that we’ve bought a new house! We’re heading out to the suburbs. We love our current apartment and especially love our neighbourhood, but we’re looking forward to having more space – indoor and outdoor.

We’re moving in about a month, so we’ll soon have to start getting ourselves organized and packed up. I’ve lived in our current apartment for 9 years, so things have definitely accumulated. Our new house is in a cute lakeside community and seems really family-oriented, so I think it will be a good fit for our growing little family.

After we move, I’ll only have a couple months of commuting for work before baby comes and I’m on mat leave. I had the most wonderful mat leave with Duncan since he was born in the spring and we had so much fun getting out in the city, meeting tons of other moms and babies. It’s going to be different heading into the fall and winter with a new baby, but I’ve joined a Facebook mom group for the new ‘hood, so I hope to find new people to connect with there, too.

Lots of changes ahead, but we’re all excited. Although Duncan has no idea what’s coming 🙂

Happy 1st Birthday, Duncan!

first birthday

[Photos by Happy Days Photography TO]

Our sweet baby boy is 1 year old today! And what a year it has been. At one year old, little Duncan is well on his way to becoming a toddler. He was sick for a week, and during that week it reminded me of our early days with him. Lots of snuggles, lots of crying, lots of sleeping and very little moving around. Poor little guy. I did enjoy the snuggles though.

first birthday airplane

Now that he’s well again, it’s as if he’s taken a big leap forward in his development. He’s walking more than he’s crawling and he understands more than ever before. When we ask, he’ll give toys, or nibbles of his snacks, or hugs. I ask for lots of hugs. And he gives the most wonderful hugs with a big squeeze. And his kisses. Big, open mouth, wet kisses. Often when I’m putting him to bed, he’ll grab my face and eat my chin and cheeks in kisses. It’s cute because he’s a baby.

first birthday airplane

After Duncan goes to bed, no matter how long and tiring the day was, Mike and I inevitably say to each other, “He’s so cute!” And he is. And he’s fun, and he’s funny. Since he has been able to smile, he laughs easily.  And since he started laughing, he’s so quick to laugh. He has several different laughs, and I love them all.

first birthday

There’s the little giggle that emerges when he finds pleasure in the most ordinary of things. The chuckle we hear every single time we carry him down the stairs of our apartment building. I like that he thinks it’s something special we’re doing just to make him happy. It’s the chuckle I hear when I’m feeding him, and I know that our cat, Josie, must have come in behind me. He adores Josie, and she tolerates him. He loves to rest his face in her fluffy fur, and I’m certain he’s so determined to walk solely so he can better chase her.

cake smash photoshoot

There’s the laughter of tickles, or being flown through the air, or when daddy blows raspberries on his belly. The laughter that goes on for so long and gets so hysterical that I sometimes have to intervene, “Give him a break, he can hardly handle it!” But then the shrieks of laughter continue and we laugh with him, saying “No one’s even touching you!” And the laugh I find most hilarious is his forced chuckle that is purely for our sake. The laugh he gives when he doesn’t find us at all funny, but want to acknowledge our efforts. Thanks, Dunc. Continue Reading

Happy Holidays

baby's first christmas photos

Now that our cards have been mailed out, I wanted to share our holiday photos taken by Violet of Happy Days Photography. Duncan was more interested in eating the fake snow on set than posing for the camera, so I was thrilled to see that Violet managed to capture a few smiles.

We’ve been loving our first holiday season with our little guy. He makes it all so much more special and fun. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you’ve seen Dunc’s first visit with Santa, first ride in the sled, and his first Hanukkah. We’re looking forward to spending more family time together over the next few weeks.

Wishing you love, peace and happiness! Merry Christmas! xoxo

family christmas photos

family christmas photos

family christmas photos

Northern Ontario roadtrip with baby Duncan: From Toronto to Iroquois Falls

baby with paul bunyan

Last week we headed up north for our first roadtrip with baby Duncan. Loaded up with sleeves of diapers, stacks of wipes, a borrowed Pack ‘n Play, and every bib we own, we took our little family from Toronto up to Sudbury, Timmins, Iroquois Falls, New Liskeard and North Bay. I’d never been north of Sudbury, so I was happy to see some more of our beautiful province.

roadtrip with baby

fall in sudbury ON

On the drive up, the trees had just turned yellow, but by the time we were making our way south again, the trees were in full autumn reds and oranges. When we were up in Timmins, it was a cold 5C, so it was a surprise to come back home to unseasonably warm 25C weather.
fall in northern ontario

the big nickel sudbury ON

roadtrip with baby

We were a little bit apprehensive of taking a 6 month old on a 1-week roadtrip. Would we be stopping every 20 minutes to deal with a screaming/wet/hungry baby? Would he be able to nap on the go? Would he keep us up all night?

baby in hotel

Fortunately, Duncan did great! We went with the flow and kept the car rides as short as possible, stopping when we could.

We took turns sitting in the back with him on the drive so that we could give him a bottle or keep him entertained. A couple weeks ago we moved him into a convertible car seat since he had outgrown his bucket seat, so that definitely helped keep him more comfortable.
mom and baby in hotel

Sometimes naps were skipped and bed time was a little later than usual, but Duncan actually slept better than he usually does at home, sometimes sleeping through his usual 4am quick feed.

He also loved swimming at the hotels. It was a nice way to splash away some energy after spending a few hours in the car.

baby with giant moose

Most of all, he loved all the attention he got everywhere he went. People up north are so friendly, and he returned every smile with a giggle and got loved on by everyone we encountered.

roadtrip with baby

roadtrip with baby

After a successful first roadtrip with baby, it’s given us the confidence to try to do some more weekend travels this fall.

lumberjack baby in the fall

north bay ontario waterfront